Monday, January 30, 2017

Royal Profile:Princess Cornelie-Cecile of Prussia

Princess Cornelie-Cecile Viktoria Luise of Prussia was born 30 January 1978 as the daughter of Countess Donata of Castell-Rüdenhausen and the recently deceased Prince Louis Ferdinand Oskar Christian of Prussia {Source}. She has an older brother, a sister-in-law, three nephews and a niece:
  1. Georg Freidrich, Prince of Prussia (1976)
    1. Sophie, Princess of Prussia & Isenburg (1978)
      1. Prince Carl Friedrich Franz Alexander, Herditary Prince of Prussia (2013)
      2. Prince Louis Ferdinand Christian Albrecht of Prussia (2013)
      3. Princess Emma Marie Charlotte Sophie of Prussia (2015)
      4. Prince Heinrich Albert Johann Georg of Prussia (2016)
She was largely raised by her single mother after her father's death. When Princess Cornelie-Cecile was 13 years of age, her mother married Duke Friedrich August of Oldenburg. It was through this marriage that Princess Conelie-Cecile gained the following step-sibings, stepsibings-in-law, and stepnieces and step-nephews:

  1. Duke Paul-Wladimir Nikolaus Louis-Ferdinand Peter Max Karl-Emich of Oldenburg(1969)
    1. Maria del Pilar Méndez de Vigo y Löwenstein-Wertheim-Rosenberg (1970, m. 2001) 
      1. Duke Kirill Friedrich-August  of Oldenburg (2002)
      2. Duke Carlos Jakobus Leo Wilfried Josef Maria of Oldenburg(2004)
      3. Duke Paul Marie of Oldenburg (2005)
      4. Duchess Maria Assunta of Oldenburg (2007)
      5. Duke Peter of Oldenburg ( 2009)
  2. Duchess Rixa Marie-Alix Kira Altburg of Oldenburg(1970)
    1. Stephan Sanders  (m. 2012)
  3. Duchess Bibiane Marie Alexandra Gertrud of Oldenburg(1974)
    1. Peter Dorner (1972, m. 2004) 
      1. Xenia Dorner 
      2. Rixa Dorner
      3. Alexej Dorner
She rarely attends royal events. One exception however, was her brother's wedding in 2011{Photos}.

She was born developmentally disabled, therefore likely lives a quiet life in the care of either her stepfather or her brother and sister-in-law.

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