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Royal Profile: Prince Carlos of Bourbon-Parma, The Duke of Parma

Prince Carlos Javier Bernardo Sixto María of Bourbon Parma, The Duke of Parma was born 27 January 1970 as the eldest of four children of Prince Carlo Hugo of Borbon-Parma, The Duke of Parma & his wife, Princess Irene of The Netherlands {Source}. His siblings, sibling-in-laws and nieces and nephews are{Source}:

  1. Prince Jaime of Bourbon-Parma, The Count of Bardi (1972, twin)
    1. Princess Viktória of Bourbon-Parma, The Countess of Bardi (1982)
      1. Princess Zita Clara of Bourbon-Parma (2014)
      2. Princess Gloria Irene of Bourbon-Parma (2016)
  2. Princess Margarita of Bourbon-Parma, The Countess of Colorno (1972, twin)
    1. Mr. Tjalling Siebe ten Cate(1975)
      1. Miss Julia Carolina Catharina ten Cate (2008)
      2. Miss Paola Cecilia Laurentien ten Cate (2011)
  3. Princess Maria Carolina of Bourbon-Parma (1974)
    1. Mr. Albert Alphons Ludgerus Brenninkmeijer (1974)
      1. Miss Alaïa-Maria Irene Cécile Brenninkmeijer (2014)
      2. Master Xavier Albert Alphons Brenninkmeijer (2015)
He was raised throughout Europe. He spent his educational years growing up in countries like The Netherlands, Spain, France, England, and The United States{Source}. When he was 11 years old, his parents divorced and he moved with his mother and siblings back to The Netherlands{Source}. Prince Carlo studied at Wesleyan University in Connecticut, United States and at the University of Cambridge {Source}.

When he completed his studies, he returned to The Netherlands. He began working for the company ABN AMRO, where he was involved with the preparations of the introduction of the euro {Source}. Then he moved to Belgium to work as a consultant for public affairs for European Public Policy Advisors (EPPA){Source}. Since 2007, he has been involved with projects related to sustainability in business {Source}.

Although he is not in succession for the Dutch throne, he has occasionally attends official events. In 2003, with his aunt the former Queen Beatrix, he attended the inauguration of the Prince Claus Leerstoel {Source}. He took a major part in planning his cousin Prince Constantijn's wedding in 2001 {Source}. He also attended his cousin King Williem-Alexander's enthronement ceremonies.

From his paternal side, he is a prince of Bourbon-Parma {Source}. In September 1996, his father granted him the title Prince of Piacenza{Source}. Also in 1996, his aunt, then Queen Beatrix, granted him the title His Royal Highness Prince of Bourbon-Parma {Source}. In September 2003, he was also awarded the title The Duke of Madrid{Source}. With the August 2010 death of his father, Prince Carlo's official full title and style is:

His Royal Highness Prince Carlos Javier Bernardo Sixto María of Bourbon-Parma, The Duke of Parma, The Duke of Madrid, The Duke of Piacenza.

He married Countess Annemarie van Gualthérie Weezel on 20 November 2010{Source}. Upon their marriage, she became Princess Annemarie of Bourbon-Parma, The Duchess of Parma, The Duchess of Madrid, The Duchess of Piacenza. Together, they have two daughters, and a third child on the way{Source}:

  1. Princess Luisa Irene Constance Anna Maria of Bourbon-Parma (2012).
  2. Princess Cecilia Maria Johanna Beatrix of Bourbon-Parma (2013)
  3. Prince Carlos Enriquem, Hereditary Prince of Bourbon-Parma (2016)

Prince Carlos also has a son, Carlos Hugo Roderik Sybren Klynstra de Bourbon-de Parme with Brigitte Klynstra{Source}

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