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Royal Profile: Princess Rahma bint El Hassan of Jordan

Princess Rahma bint El Hassan of Jordan was born 13 August 1969 as the eldest child and daughter of Prince Hassan bin Talal of Jordan and her mother is Princess Sarvath El Hassan of Jordan {Source}. She has the following siblings, siblings-in-law and nieces and nephews {Source}:

  1. Princess Sumaya bint El Hassan of Jordan (1971)
    1. Nasser Judeh (m. 1993?, div. 2007)
      1. Tariq El Sharaf Judeh (1994) 
      2. Zein El Sharaf Judeh (1994)
      3. Ali Judeh (1996)
      4. Sukayna Judeh (1998)
  2. Princess Badiya bint El Hassan of Jordan (1974)
    1. Khaled Edward Blair (m. 2008)
      1. Ali Blair
  3. Prince Rashid bint El Hassan of Jordan(1979)
    1. Zeina Shaban (m. 2010)
      1. Prince Hassan bin Al-Rashid of Jordan (2013)
      2. Prince Talal bin Al-Rashid of Jordan (2016)

She was educated at various schools, primarily in England. Some of her education included{Source}:

  • International Community School (Jordan)
  • Sherborne School for Girls (England)
  • University of Cambridge (BAHons in Oriental Studies, 1991)
  • University of Cambridge (MPhil in International Relations, 1992)

In July 1997, she married Alaa Batayneh. They have two children together{Source}:

  • Aysha El Batayneh (born 2002)
  • Arif El Batayneh (born 2006)

She served as director for the Amman Regional Office for the Foundation for Interrlegious and Intercultural Research Dialogue {Source}. She is honorary president of the Yarmouk University Alumni Club{Source}. She has been a member of the international board of the Duke of Edinburgh's Award Scheme since 1997{Source}. She is president of the Princess Rhahma Association for Heritiage Revival and Jordanian Gymnastics {Source}.

She is a recipient of many awards over the years{Source}. She received the Grand Cross of the Order of Independence of Jordan and the Grand Cross of Orange-Nassau from the Netherlands (2006){Source}.
She is a first cousin of the present King of Jordan.

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