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Royal Profile: Nicholas de Roumanie Medforth-Mills

Nicholas de Romanie Medforth-Mills was born 1 April 1985 as the son of Princess Elena of Romania & Robin Medforth-Mills {Source}. de Roumanie Medfoth-Mills has one younger sister:
de Roumaine Metforth-Mills was primarily educated in England, where he attended Shiplake College{Source}. His university years were spent at University of London, Royal Holloway {Source}. Upon graduation, he worked for the World Challenge, and as a waiter {Source}.
When he was 16 years old, he met his third cousin 2x removed, Queen Elizabeth II during his grandfather's 80th birthday party at Windsor Castle. Also that evening, he mingled with The Prince of Wales and Queen Sofia of Spain.
From an early age, he had an interest in cars. During his holidays, he would spend hours in his grandfather's garage watching him maintaining his jeep collection. With his grandmother, he enjoyed fishing and golf.
On 30 December 2007, King Michael of Romania announced that his grandson would receive the title and style His Royal Highness Prince of Romania for his 25th birthday on 1 April 2010 {Source}. Also during this time, King Michael signed a new Statute of the Royal House called Fundamental Rules of the Royal Family of Romania, which defined the succession upon his death, replacing the out-of-date 1884 Statute{Source}. The updated line of succession placed Nicholas in third postion to succeed the throne after his aunt and mother. On 29 February 2008, Nicholas Medforth-Mills declared in an interview with the Romanian daily newspaper Cotidianul that if the Romanian people asked him to become a King, he wouldn't refuse. The Romanian press referred to him as "Prince Nicholas," even before he actually held the title. On 1 August 2015, his grandfather released a statement that Nicholas had been removed from succession and his royal title and style were taken away due to King Mihai belief that "Romania needed a ruling marked by modesty and moral principles, respect and always thinking of others after the "reign and life" of his eldest daughter, Crown Princess Margarita{Source}."
Nicholas lives in Romania {Source} and speaks fluent Romanian and English {Source}. Through his mother, he also has the following, aunts, uncles and cousins:
  1. Margareta, Custodian of th  Crown of Romania (1949)
    1. Radu, Prince of Romania (1960, m. 1996)
  2. Mrs. Irina Walker (1953)
    1. John Kreuger (m 1983, div 2003)
      1. Michael Torsten de Roumanie Kreuger (1985)
        1. Tara Littlefeld (m. 2011)
          1. Kohen de Roumanie Kreuger (2012)
      2. Angelica Margaretta Bianca de Roumanie Kreuger Knight (1986)
        1. Richard Robert Knight (m 2009)
          1. Courtney Bianca Knight (2007)
          2. Diana Knight (2011)
    2. John Westley Walker (m 2003)
  3. Princess Sophie of Romania (1957)
    1. Alain Biarneix (m. 1998, div 2002)
      1. Elisabeth-Maria de Roumanie Biarneix (1998)
  4. Princess Maria of Romania (1964)
    1. Kazimierz Wieslaw Mystkowsk (m 1995, div 2002)
In February 2016, a DNA test was performed after Nicoleta Cirjan claimed he was the father of her daughter, Iris Anna, after a one-night stand the pair had in 2015{Source}. It is speculated that this was his grandfather's reason for renouncing his grandson's title and succession to the throne. Iris Anna is currently not recognized by Nicholas and there has been no recent update on the case. Nicholas married Aliana Maria Binder in a private civil ceremony in 2017, and will religiously marry in Romania this summer.

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