Monday, April 23, 2018

Royal Profile: Princess Thérèse d'Orléans

Princess Thérèse Isabelle Marie Éléonore d'Orléans was born 23 April 2001 as the elder of two children of Prince Eudes d'Orléans, Duke of Angouleme & Marie-Liesse Claude Anne Rolande de Rohan-Chabot.

She has one younger brother:
  • Prince Pierre Jean Marie d'Orléans (2003)
She was baptized on 7 July 2001 in the church La Madeleine in Paris. Her godparents were:
  • Princess Marie Isabelle of Liechtenstein (paternal aunt)
  • Count Thibud de Rohan-Chabot (maternal uncle)
She was named:
Thérèse: for her paternal grandmother
Isabelle: for Princess Isabelle of Brazil, her great grandmother
Marie: for her paternal grandmother
Éléonore: unsure.

As her royal line is defunct, she likely leads a normal life.

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