Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Royal Profile: Princess Alix de Ligne

Princess Alix Marie Isabelle Aldegonde Eléonore de Ligne was born 3 July 1984 as the eldest child of Michel, 14th Prince de Ligne & Dona Eleanora de Orléans-Bragança e Wittelsbach{Source}. She has a younger brother{Source}.:
  1.  Hereditary Prince Henri Antoine de Ligne (1989)

 Princess Alix married Count Guillaume de Dampierre on 18 June 2016{Source}. Together, they have a daughter{Source}:

  • Olympia de Dampierre (2017)
The 34 year old princess was named:

  • Alix Marie: Her paternal grandmother, Princess Alix Marie of Luxembourg, Princess de Ligne
  • Isabelle: for her maternal great-grandmother, Princess Isabella de Croÿ
  • Aldegonde: likely a name her parents liked, meaning noble, warrior, anicient battle is German.
  • Eléonore: French form of Elenora, for her mother

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