Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Royal Profile: Princess Marie of Denmark

Marie Agathe Odile Cavallier (aka Princess Marie of Denmark) was born 6 February 1976 in Paris, France, the only child of Alain Cavallier and Françoise Grassiot {Source}. Her parents divorced when she was young{Source}, and both remarried and gave Marie four younger half brothers{Source}. Upon her parents divorce, she moved to Geneva, Switzerland with her mother, where she attended Collège Alpin International Beau Soleil{Source}.

After obtaining her Bacclaurate from Collège Alpin International Beau Soleil, she attended Babson College, studying international relations and economics, however she never graduated from Babson. Instead, after a brief time at Babson, she transferred to a school in Geneva to study Economics, then transferred to Marymount Manhattan College, where she obtained a Bachelors of Arts.

After her university years, Marie worked in the field of public relations for Estée Lauder,and ING Numismatic Group SA, and other varying positions for companies such as DoubleClick Inc, Media Marketing, Reuters financial news agency Radianz, REInvest in Geneva, ING Numismatic Group SA.

Princess Marie speaks a variety of languages. Her native tongue is French. She also speaks Spanish, Italian, Danish and English.

She first came to media attention around 2005, when she was spotted vacationing with Prince Joachim. In 2007, she joined her prince and his family for the holiday season and for a skiing trip to Switzerland. It was announced in October of that year that she and Prince Joachim would marry. In May 2008, they were married. This is when Marie became Her Royal Highness Princess Marie of Denmark, Countess of Monpezat and a naturalized Danish citizen and member of the Church of Denmark (Just like her sister-in-law Crown Princess Mary had a few years earlier).

Princess Marie took her role as Princess of Denmark in stride, becoming a patron of many important organizations in Denmark after becoming a princess. So now she was a princess, a wife, a daughter, a stepdaughter, a half-sister, a niece, an aunt, a sister-in-law, a daughter-in-law, stepmother, what was left? Oh. Right. Motherhood. Princess Marie tackled that too in May of 2009, when she gave birth to her first child, Prince Henrik. In January 2012, she became a mother again, this time to a baby girl, Princess Athena.

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