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48 Facts about Princess Stéphanie of Monaco, Countess of Polinac

  1. Stéphanie Marie Elisabeth Grimaldi was born 1 February 1965 {Source}
  2. Stéphanie is the youngest child of Prince Rainier III & Princess Grace  {Source}
  3. Stéphanie has an older sister, Princess Caroline & older brother, Prince Albert II {Source}
  4. Her maternal uncle John B. Kelly Jr and paternal cousin, Elisabeth-Anne de Massy were her godparents {Source}
  5. Her full title and style is: Her Serene Highness Princess Stéphanie Marie Elisabeth of Monaco, Countess of Polinac {Source} 
  6. Count of Polinac was the title of her grandfather, Prince Pierre before he married her grandmother, and is a title that is still claimed by the Grimaldis {Source} Like other Monégasque titles, it is not hereditary, therefore her children will not inherit the title at her death.
  7. Coincidentally, her grandfather died 2 months and 23 days before she was born {Source}
  8. She is the youngest of Prince Pierre and Princess Charlotte's 6 grandchildren {Elisabeth is 17 years her senior, Christian is 15 years her senior, Christine would be 14 years her senior, Caroline has 8 years on her, and Albert has 7}.
  9. Like her sister and sister-in-law, her astrological sign is an Aquarius.
  10. When she was barely two years old, she was almost drown in a toilet by her big sister and her childhood friend Victoria {Source: The Royal House of Monaco: Dynasty of Glamour…Gallat, John. P. 70}
  11. She began attending to her education as Les Dames Saint Maur School in Monaco{Source}
  12. During her school years, she was often called "Lily" by her classmates as a reference to her 3rd name, Elisabeth {Source}
  13. She was sometimes registered as Stéphanie Polignac instead of Stéphanie Grimaldi {Source}
  14. She graduated from L'ecole de Dupanloup  in Paris in 1982 {Source}
  15. While she was attending her education, she was involved in dance, piano and gymnastics {Source}
  16. During her years in Paris, she was patron of the Grand Prix de Gymnastique de la Ville de Paris from 1974-1979 {Source}
  17. She speaks French, English and Italian {Source}
  18. When she is not performing royal duties, she enjoys water sports (swimming and waterskiing) and downhill skiing {Source}
  19. In 1984, she was named godmother to her nephew, Andrea Albert Pierre Casiraghi {Source}
  20. After receiving the French Bac in 1982, she interned at the Haute Couture firm of Christian Dior from 1983-1984 {Source}
  21. In September 1982, she was involved in an automobile accident which caused the death of her mother {Source}
  22. For years it was rumored that she was the driver in the fatal accident {Source}
  23. For years, #14 was denied by the palace  and Princess Stephanie finally went on the record in 2002 claiming that in fact she was not the driver {Source}
  24. From 1985-1987, she designed her own collection of  swimwear under the label "Pool Passion"{Source}
  25. In the mid 1980s, she self-produced and released her first single with the French label Carrere the song titled "Ouragan" (English version: "Irresistable") {Source}
  26. The Full album, Besoin (Stéphanie in some places) was released in January 1987 {Source}
  27. In January 1987, Stéphanie released the single "Young Ones Everywhere" to benefit UNICEF {Video}.
  28. In 1987, she moved to Los Angeles to record her second album.
  29. Her second album, Stéphanie, was released in 1989 with negative sales and reviews {Source}
  30. For her second album, she did a promotional tour, which included an appearance on the Oprah Winfrey Show {Source}
  31. In 1991, she recorded a song, "In the Closet" with Michael Jackson {Source: Whitburn, Joel. (2000). The Billboard book of top 40 hits. Billboard Books. p. 320. ISBN 978-0-8230-7690-1}
  32. The Princess has been married twice {Source}:
    1. Daniel Ducruet (July 1995-October 1996) (two children) {Source}
    2. Adans Lopez Peres (2003-2004) {Source}
  33. She is the mother of three children, two of which are in line for the throne: 
    1. Louis Robert Paul Ducruet (1992, with Daniel Ducruet) {Source
    2. Pauline Grace Maguy Ducruet (1994, with Daniel Ducruet) {Source
    3. Camille Marie Kelly Gottlieb (1998, unconfirmed that her father is Jean-Raymond Gottlieb) {Source}
  34. In 2000, she took her three children (2-year-old Camille, 6-year-old Pauline & 8 year-old Louis) and went off to the Circus for two years.
  35. On 10th November 2005, her brother awarded her with the insignia of the Grand Cross of the Order of Grimaldi for her involvement in humanitarianism actions and support of the circus arts {Source}
  36. In 2006, she briefly returned to her musical roots, recording the son "L'Or de nos vies" ("The Gold of Our Lives") as a charity single for her charity, Fight Aids Monaco.
  37. On 2nd June 2006, she attended a UN Meeting  on HIV/Aids, where she spoke of the contributions of Monaco to cure the disease and to declare her personal involvement in the fight against the disease  {Source}.
  38. In October 2006, the Princess was named as a Special Representative for the UNAIDS, and today she serves as a Goodwill Ambassador for the organization  {Source}.
  39. In 2010, in the presence of both her oldest daughter and brother, she opened the  "Maison de Vie" ("House of Life") in Carpentras (Vaucluse, France) {Source}.
  40. She has a golf handicap of 25 {Source}
  41. She once said that she thinks she would be a dolphin if she were an animal {Source}
  42. Alain Ducruet (her former father-in-law) never called Stephanie by her name, but he called her 'Galinette' {Source}
  43. Princess Stephanie and Daniel never called each other by their first names but they called each other 'Maman' and 'Papa' {Source}
  44. Stephanie smashed and broke a window of the Palace by kicking a soccer ball into it{Source}
  45. When she was 9 years old, she found a piece of coal in her stocking next to some sweets {Source}
  46. Over the years, she's had numerous dogs, including:
    1. German Shepard named Atmo
    2. a labrador named Funny Face
    3. Leonberger named Magic (with Pauline)
    4. Pin Up (c. 2000)
    5. a boxer named Hagler (c. 1997)
    6. Two dogs named Saxo and Salto:
      1. Stephanie and both Saxo and Salto
      2. Two-year-old Camille plays with one of them, again
    7. a Westie named Valentine
  47. Princess Stephanie is the President of several associations including{Source}: 
    1. Monaco Youth Center 
    2. Princess Stephanie Activity Center 
    3. The Princess Grace Foundation U.S.A. (Honorary Board Member) 
    4. Organizing Committee of the Princess Grace Theatre (President) 
    5. Jury of the Monte-Carlo Magic Grand Prix 
    6. International Circus Festival of Monte-Carlo (Vice President, 1974-2005; President, 2005-Present) 
    7. International Circus Festival of Monte-Carlo's *NEW GENERATION* Festival (President, 2012-Present) (Daughter Pauline is President of the Jury)
    8. "Femmes face au Sida" now known as Fight Aids Monaco (President, 2003-Present)

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