Monday, June 3, 2013

Royal Profile: Baron Jean-Léonard Taubert-Natta de Massy

Baron Jean-Léonard Taubert-Natta de Massy was born 3 June 1974, the only son and eldest child of Baroness Elisabeth-Anne de Massy. His godfather in Prince Albert II {Source}.

His father died when he was only 14 years old, leaving him to be raised by his mother along side his younger sister Melanie{Source}.

In April 2009, he married Suzanne Chrimes {Source}.

Little is known about him, and he is primarily kept from the spotlight as he lost his succession rights with the death of his great uncle in 2005. Baron Jean-Léonard occasionally attends family events such as the Red Cross Ball (2008 (between Prince Albert & Princess Charlene), 2012 (again, between the Prince & Princess)) and he was invited to Prince Albert's wedding to Charlene Wittstock in 2011 {Source}.

It has also been rumored that while Prince Albert's famous spymaster, Robert Erringer was working in Monaco, Baron Jean-Léonard worked with him and that Baron  Jean-Léonard had substance abuse issues. Whether or not any of that is true, is another story. 

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