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Royal Profile:Hereditary Prince Alois Philip Maria of Liechtenstein

Hereditary Prince Alois Philip Maria of Liechtenstein was born in Zurich on 11 June 1968 as the eldest son of Prince Hans-Adam II and Princess Marie of Liechtenstein{Source}.

He was named for his great-grandfather, Alois I of Liechtenstein {Source}.

During his youth, he resided at Vaduz Castle and attended local schools {Source}.  He attended primary school in Vaduz-Ebenholz{Source}, and entered the Liechtenstein Gymnasium (high school) in 1979{Source}. He graduated in the spring of 1987 (high school diploma type B, with an emphasis on literature and history){Source}. Upon graduation, the future sovereign prince entered the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst, Great Britain, where he completed his officer's training{Source}, where he was commissioned as a  second lieutenant{Source}. His first assignment as a second lieutenant,  he served for six months in the Coldstream Guards in Hong Kong and London{Source}. After serving in the military, he returned to Liechtenstein to attend Salz­burg University, earning a master's degree in the spring of 1993 {Source}.

He has worked in London and Liechtenstien {Source}. After getting his master's degree, he moved to London to work for a firm of charter accountants until 1996 {Source}. After that, he returned to Liechtenstein to work with the family's affairs {Source}. 

On 15 August 2004 under Art. 13bis of the Constitution of the Principality of Liechtenstein Prince Hans-Adam II appointed Hereditary Prince Alois his permanent representative for exercising the sovereign powers due to him, in preparation for his succession to the throne {Source} . Since 15 August 2004 the Hereditary Prince has thus been performing both nationally and internationally the duties of Head of State of the Principality of Liechtenstein {Source}. 

On 3 July 1993, HSH Hereditary Prince Alois was married to HSH Duchess Sophie in Bavaria {Source} . They have four children:
  • Prince Joseph Wenzel, born 24 May 1995
  • Princess Marie Caroline, born 17 October 1996
  • Prince Georg, born 20 April 1999
  • Prince Nikolaus, born 6 December 2000.

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