Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Royal Profile: 21 Facts about Louis Ducruet

  1. Louis Robert Paul Ducruet was born on 26 November 1992  in Monaco.
  2. His parents are Princess Stephanie of Monaco and Daniel Ducruet.
  3. He has one full sister, Pauline.
  4. He also has two half siblings-Camille(maternal, 5 1/2 years younger) and Michael (paternal, who is 10 months older).
  5. He has  two maternal aunts and a maternal uncle: Princess Caroline, Prince Albert & Princess Charlene.
  6. His maternal aunt and uncle, Princess Caroline and Prince Albert are his godparents (Source: The Royal House of Monaco: Dynasty of Glamour, Tradgedy & Scandal, p 254).
  7. He also has 6 biological maternal cousins: Andrea, Charlotte, PierrePrincess Alexandra of Hanover, Jazmin Grace Grimaldi and Alexandre Coste.
  8. He also has two older step-cousins: Prince Ernst August of Hanover & Prince Christian.
  9. He speaks fluent French, lang Monégasque and Italian.
  10. He rarely appears in public on behalf of the Monégasque Princely Family. However, in 2013, during the Grand Prix Week, he played in  a charity football match, and at the end of the summer, he alongside his mother and younger sister appeared at the FIGHT AIDS Monaco Gala.
  11. Other recent events he attended were: his mother and sister's circus festivals, his uncle’s 2005 Enthronement ceremony, and July 2011 wedding to his new aunt, Princess Charlene, appearing on the balcony after the civil service, arriving with his mother, sisters, aunt and younger cousin at the religious service, and attending the JM Jarre concert after the civil service, and the Eagles Concert prior to the festivities
  12.  He has a Facebook account (no, do not ask me for the link).
  13. For his educational pursuits, he has studied in Monaco, Switzerland (VERY briefly), France and the United States.
  14. During the early 2000s, along with his mother and two sisters, he traveled with the Kline Circus for a few years.
  15. Louis, along with little sister Pauline (and most of the rest of the Grimaldis), is a major fan of Monaco’s home football team, AS Monaco FC. 
  16. When Louis was a youngster, Prince Albert joked that they may have to change the name of the Monégasque stadium to Stade Louis III from Stade Louis II, in his honor.
  17. His astrological sign is Sagittarius.
  18. He was originally to be named something else, but at last minute, he was named Louis for his great-grandfather. 
  19. He is presently 8th in line for the throne, after his aunt, 4 cousins and mother.
  20. In 2005, along with his little sister, he appeared on the reality television show, La Ferme Célébrités.
  21. Louis does not bear the title HSH Prince of Monaco  at his parents' request to give him a semi-normal life, given how far down the line of succession he is.

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