Thursday, April 16, 2015

Royal Profile: Prince Sébastien of Luxembourg

Prince Sébastien Henri Marie Guillaume of Luxembourg was born 16 April 1992 as the youngest child of Grand Duke Henri and Grand Duchess Maria Teresa {Source}. He has four brothers, two sister-in-laws and a sister, as well as two nephews and a niece {Source}:

  1. Prince Guillaume, Hereditary Grand Duke (1981)
    1. Princess Stéphanie , Hereditary Grand Duchess (1984)
  2. Prince Félix (1984)
    1. Princess Claire (1985)
      1. Princess Amalia of Nassau (2014)
  3. Prince Louis (1986)
    1. Princess Tessy (1985)
      1. Prince Noah (2006)
      2. Prince Gabriel (2007)
  4. Princess Alexandra (1991)
After attending nursery school in Angelsberg, Luxembourg, Prince Sébastien began his primary
education at St. George's International School in Luxembourg {Source}. He then continued his schooling in
the United Kingdom, first at Summer Fields School and then at Ampleforth College, where he began his secondary education {Source}. In 2011, the Prince obtained his Baccalaureate at the International School of Luxembourg. {Source}. Currently, he is attending university in the United States, where he is working towards a degree in Marketing and Communication {Source}. The young prince in fluent in several languages including: Luxembourgish, French, German and English{Source}. He also has a good knowledge of Spanish {Source}.

When he is home, he often participates in official activities. Dedicated to upholding values promoted through sport, Prince Sébastien has accepted the High Patronage of the "Fédération luxembourgeoise de natation et de sauvetage" (Luxembourg Federation of Swimming and Lifesaving) {Source}.

In 2010, Prince Sébastien received the Order of the "Lion d’Or" of the House of Nassau {Source}.

In his free time, Prince Sébastien is a keen sportsman and enjoys climbing, skiing, swimming and particularly rugby {Source}. After proudly wearing the colours of his club for several years, he was selected for the Luxembourg national rugby team and also plays for his university team {Source}. Prince Sébastien enjoys travelling and discovering new cultures {Source}. He is also very interested in art {Source}.

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