Saturday, June 6, 2015

Royal Profile: Archduchess Ildikó Mária Walburga von Hasburg

Archduchess Ildikó Mária Walburga von Hasburg (AKA Archduchess Hilda Maria Walburga) was born 6 June 2002 in Budepest, Hungary the second child of Georg von Habsburg and Duchess Eilika of Oldenburg {Source}. She is a grandchild of Otto von Habsburg {Source}. She has two siblings:
  • Archduchess Zsófia Mária Tatjana Monika Erzsébet Katalin (Sophie Maria Tatiana Elisabeth Catherine)von Hasburg (2001)
  • Archduke Károly-Konstantin Mihály István Mária (Karl-Konstantin Michael Stephan Maria) von Hasburg (2004)
Other than that, little is known about this 13 year old. It's more than likely that she leads a relatively normal life, given that her family's royal status is defunct {Source}. She resides with her family in Hungary, and likely attends school there.

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