Thursday, June 18, 2015

Royal Profile: Prince Dimitri of Yugoslavia

Prince Dimitrije "Dimitri" of Yugoslavia was born 18 June 1958 as the son of  Prince Alexander of Yugoslavia and his first wife, Princess Maria Pia of Savoy {Source}. He has a twin brother, and two younger siblings, as well as a half brother{Source}:

  1. Prince Sergius Wladimir Emanuel Marie of Yugoslavia (1963)
  2. Princess Helene Olga Lydia Tamara Maria of Yugoslavia (1963)
  3. Prince Dushan Paul of Yugoslavia (1977, half brother)
On his mother's side, he has the following stepsiblings:
  1. Princess Inès Marie Josephe Marguerite Yolande Tatiana of Bourbon-Parma (1952-1981)
    1. Miss Marie Mélodie de Bourbon (1977, adopted 1982, by her grandfather Prince Michael of Bourbon-Parma)
  2. Prince Erik Marie Joseph René Michael Pierre of Bourbon-Parma (1953)
    1. Princess Antonia Monique Charlotte Marie of Bourbon-Parma (1981)
    2. Princess Marie Gabrielle Yolande Camilla Philippine of Bourbon-Parma (1982)
    3. Princess Alexia Thérèse Sybille Eric Charles Marie of Bourbon-Parma (1985)
    4. Prince Michel Knud John Marie Joseph of Bourbon-Parma (1989)
    5. Prince Henri Luitpold Antoine Victor Marie Joseph of Bourbon-Parma (1991)
  3. Princess Sybil Marie Josephine Anne Victorie of Bourbon-Parma (1954)
  4. Princess Victoire Maria Pia Josephe Philippe Isaure of Bourbon-Parma (1957-2001)
  5. Prince Charles-Emmanuel Marie Joseph Jacques Hely of Bourbon-Parma (1961)
    1. Prince Amaury Yves Michel Marie Joseph of Bourbon-Parma (1991)
    2. Princess Charlotte Alexe Yolande Marie Joseph of Bourbon-Parma (1993)
    3. Princess Elizabeth Flore Angélique Marie Joseph of Bourbon-Parma (1996)
    4. Princess Zita Angélique Inès Marie Joseph of Bourbon-Parme (1999)
  6. Ms. Amélie de Bourbon de Parme (1977)
    1. Master Alexandre Bogdanoff (2011)
He founded, and acts as president and creative director of the Prince Dimitri Company {Source}. He is a former Vice President of the jewlery department as Sotheby's auction House {Source}. He was named on the International Best Dressed List's Hall of Fame in 1994 {Source}.

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