Saturday, March 12, 2016

Royal Profile: 10 Facts about Prince Gabriel de Nassau

  1. Prince Gabriel Michael Louis Ronny de Nassau was born 12 March 2006{Source}
  2. Prince Gabriel is the elder of two sons of Prince Louis of Luxembourg and Princess Tessy of Luxmebourg{Source}
  3.  He was the first grandchild of The Grand Duke and Grand Duchess of Luxembourg. 
  4. He has one younger brother:
    1. Prince Noah de Nassau (2007)
  5. His godparents were:
    1. Princess Alexandra (paternal aunt)
    2.  Ronny Antony (maternal uncle)
  6. He was named:
    1. Gabriel: Likely a name his parents liked
    2. Michael: likely for his maternal uncle Michael Antony
    3. Louis: For his father
    4. Ronny: For his maternal uncle and godfather 
  7. On Luxembourg National Day 2009 (23 June), his grandfather issued a Grand-Ducal decree granting his mother the title Princess of Luxembourg, Princess of Bourbon-Parma with the style Her Royal Highness, and gave he and his younger brother (and that of any potential future children) the title Prince de Nassau and the style His/Her Royal Highness {Source}.
  8. Despite being the son of a prince and bearing a princely title, he is NOT in succession for the Luxembourger throne-his father renounced his succession rights-and that of his descendants-when he married his mother.  
  9. He is first cousins with:
    1. Princess Amalia de Nassau (2014)
  10. He has relatives in the royal families of Liechtenstein, Belgium and Austria.

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