Sunday, February 5, 2017

Royal Profile: Arthur Chatto

Arthur Robert Nathaniel Chatto was born 5 February 1999, the younger of the two children of The Lady Sarah Chatto & Mr. Daniel Chatto{Source}. He has an older brother{Source}:
  • Samuel David Benedict Chatto (1998)
He is the grandson of Queen Elizabeth's sister, Princess Margaret {Source}.

He was previously a student at the Westminster Cathedral Choir School, which he attended from 2002-2012. He currently attends Eton College, where he is a member of the Combined Cadet Force and hopes to enter the military {Source}. He likely is taking a gap year this year, and may either follow his brother's footsteps to the University of Edinburgh or his second cousin Harry's steps to

From 2010-2015, he has served as Third Page of Honour to Queen Elizabeth II {Source}. His cousin The Hon. Charles Armstrong-Jones was also a Page of Honour during this time.

Presently, Mr. Chatto is 23rd in succession for the British Throne.

Because he is so distantly in line for the throne, his parents want to keep him out of the limelight. However, in recent years, he has been seen joining the family during the Christmas Services {2008, 2010, 2015}, attending the State Opening of Parliament {Pre-Page of Honor duties? {2010}{2013}}, attending the thanksgiving service for the Queen Mother and Princess Margaret at St George's Chapel in 2012, attending the Glorious Goodwood Horse Race at Goodwood. He is a regular at Queen Elizabeth II's pre-Christmas luncheon {2011 seated between his parents, 2012 sitting behind his brother, 2013, seated behind his parents}.

Like most young kids, he's active on social media (instagram, facebook). (don't bother asking for the links)

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