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Royal Profile: Katharine, The Duchess of Kent

Katharine, The Duchess of Kent was born Katharine Lucy Mary Worsley on 22 February 1933 as the only daughter of Colonel Sir William Arthington Worsley, 4th Bt. and Joyce Morgan Brunner {Source}. She had three older brothers, three sisters-in-law, and several nieces and nephews {Source}:
  1. Sir William Marcus John Worsley, 5th Bt.(1925-2012)
    1. The Hon. Bridget Assheton (1926, m. 1955)
      1. Sir William Ralph Worsley, 6th Bt.(1956)
        1. Marie-Noëlle Dreesmann (m. 1987)
          1. Isabella Claire Worsley (1988)
          2. Francesca Sylvia Worsley (1992)
          3. Marcus William Bernard Worsley(1995)
      2. Sarah Marianne Worsley(1958)
        1. Martin Stephen Robert Elwes (m. 1984)
          1. James Robert Elwes(1986)
          2. Sophie Bridget Elwes (1988)
          3. Hugo Marcus Elwes(1991)
      3. Giles Arthington Worsley(1961-2006)
        1. Joanna Beaufort Pitman (m. 1996)
          1. Alice Beaufort Worsley(1998)
          2. Emma Sylvia Worsley (2000)
          3. Lucy Jennifer Worsley (2002)
      4. Peter Marcus Worsley(1963)
        1. Catherine Marie Paule Hirtz
          1. Margot Joyce Worsley (2001)
          2. Hector Felix Arthington Worsley (2002)
          3. Matilda Bridget Worsley (2005)
  2. George Oliver Worsley (1927-2010)
    1. Penelope Susanne Fleetwood Fuller (m. 1966)
      1. Georgina Joyce Worsley (1967)
        1. Tjden Lane (m. 1990, later divorced)
          1. Molly Lane (1991)
          2. Marcus Oliver Lane(1993)
      2. David Christopher Worsley (1969)
        1. Victoria Louise Lane (m.2001)
      3. Richard Oliver Arthington Worsley (1972)
      4. Anne Penelope Worsley (1974)
  3. John Arthington Worsley (1928-)
    1. Hon. Carolyn Mary Wynyard Hardinge (m. 1954)
      1. Willa Victoria Worsley (1955)
      2. Henry John Worsley(1958)
        1. Janet deBoer (m. 1988)
          1. Jennifer Worsley (1989)
          2. Nichole Worsley (1990)
          3. Richard Worsley(1993)
      3. Jonathan Hugh Worsley(1960)
        1. Laura Pitfield (m. 1987)
          1. Nicholas Worsley (1988)
          2. Oliver Worsley(1990)
          3. Hugo Worsley(1992)
          4. Charlotte Worsley(1995)
      4. Dickon Carol Worsley(1966)
        1. Catharine Lewis (m. 1994)
          1. Audra Worsley (1995)
      5. Katharine Margot Worsley (1968)
        1. Paul Guthrie (m. 2001)

She married Prince Edward , The Duke of Kent on 8 June 1961 and together, they have the following children and grandchildren{Source}:
  1. George Philip Nicholas Windsor,The Earl of St. Andrews (1962)
    1. Sylvana Windsor, The Countess of St. Andrews
      1. Edward Windsor, Lord Downpatrick (1988)
      2. The Lady Marina-Charlotte Windsor (1992)
      3. The Lady Amelia Windsor (1995)
  2. The Lady Helen Windsor (1964)
    1. Mr. Timothy Taylor
      1. Mr. Columbus George Donald Taylor (1994)
      2. Mr. Cassius Edward Taylor (1996)
      3. Miss Eloise Olivia Katherine Taylor (2003)
      4. Miss Estella Olga Elizabeth Taylor (2004)
  3. Lord NicholasWindsor (1970)
    1. Paola. The Countess Doimi de Lupis
      1. Master Albert Louis Philip Edward Windsor (2007)
      2. Master Leopold Ernest Augustus Guelph Windsor (2009)
      3. Master Louis Arthur Nicholas Felix Windsor (2014)
  4. Still born unnamed child (1977)
She preferred to be known as "Katharine Kent" rather than The Duchess of Kent. She often represents Queen Elizabeth II and served as chancellor or patron of many organizations including{Source}{Source}:
  • Leeds University (1965-1998, Chancellor)
  • National Foundation for Youth Music (London) (Trustee)
  • Royal Northern College of Music (Manchester) (former board member and past president)
  • Aldeburgh Productions (ambassador)
  • NCH Action For Children (President)
  • Macmillan Cancer Relief (board member and president)
  • London Committee of the Manchester Christie (Cancer) Hospital Appeal (committee chair)'
  • RUC Benevolent Fund (chair)
  • Queensland Conservatorium (patron)

The Duchess of Kent has traveled the world for UNICEF (United Nations International Children's Fund) and VSO (Voluntary Services Overseas), highlighting specific areas of deprivation{Source}. In 1999 she visited Cambodia, Macedonia and Nepal {Source}.She has been Visitor to the Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts. The Duchess of Kent holds the Honorary Freedom of four of the ancient City companies: the Worshipful Companies of Clothworkers, Dyers, Glaziers, and the Coachmakers and Coach Harness Makers{Source}.

In 2004, The Duchess of Kent together with Nicholas Robinson (Headmaster, King's College School, Cambridge) launched Future Talent, a children's music charity dedicated to finding, funding and nurturing exceptionally talented young musicians in the UK{Source}.

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