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Royal Profile: Princess Astrid, Mrs. Ferner

  1. Princess Astrid Maud Ingeborg of Norway, Mrs. Ferner was born 12 February 1923 as the second daughter of King Olav V and Princess Märtha of Sweden {Source}. 
  2. She has one older sister and a younger brother, two siblings-in-laws{Source}:
    1. Princess Ragnhild (1930-2012)
    2. King Harald of Norway (1937)
  3. Her two siblings-in-law are:
    1. Erling Lorentzen (1923)
    2. Queen Sonja of Norway (1934)
  4. She has the following nephews:
    1. Haakon Lorentzen (1954) 
    2. Ingeborg Lorentzen (1957) 
    3. Ragnhild Lorentzen (1968) 
    4. Crown Prince Haakon (1973)
  5. She has the following nieces-in-law:
    1. Martha Carvalho de Freitas (1958)
    2. Crown Princess Mette-Marit (1973)
  6. She has the following nieces:
    1. Princess Märtha Louise of Norway (1971)
  7. She has the following nephews-in-law:
    1. Paulo César Ribeiro Filho
    2. Aaron Long 
    3. Mr. Ari Behn (1972) (former nephew in law as of 2016)
  8. She has the following great nephews:
    1. Olav Alexander Lorentzen (1985)
    2. Christian Frederik Lorentzen (1988)
    3. Felipe Sampaio Falcão 
    4. Mr. Marius Borg Høiby (1997, technically Haakon's stepson)
    5. Prince Sverre Magnus of Norway (2005)
  9. She has the following great nieces:
    1. Victoria Ragina Ribeiro (1988)
    2. Sophia Anne Lorentzen (1994)
    3. Maud Angelica Behn(2003)
    4. Leah Isadora Behn (2005)
    5. Alexandra Long (2007)
    6. Emma Tallulah Behn (2008)
    7. Elizabeth Long (2011)
    8. Princess Ingrid Alexandra of Norway (2004)
  10. Princess Astrid was christened in the Palace Chapel on 31 March 1932 
  11. Her godparents were: 
    1. King Haakon VII (paternal grandfather)
    2. Queen Maud of Norway (paternal grandmother)
    3. Prince Carl of Sweden (maternal grandfather)
    4. Princess Ingeborg of Sweden (maternal grandmother)
    5. Princess Astrid of Belgium (maternal aunt)
    6. Princess Elizabeth, The Duchess of York (later The Queen Mum)
    7. Princess Thyra of Denmark
    8. Prince Eugen of Sweden
    9. Prince George, The Duke of Kent
  12. She was likely named:
    1. Astrid: For her maternal aunt, Princess Astrid of Belgium
    2. Maud: for her paternal grandmother, Queen Maud of Norway
    3. Ingeborg: for her maternal grandmother, Princess Ingeborg of Sweden
  13.  As she is a great-grandchild of King Edward VII, she is distantly in line for the British throne, as well as a second cousin to Queen Elizabeth II and a maternal 1st cousin to King Albert II of Belgium. 
  14. She grew up in Norway, and was privately tutored. 
  15. During WWII, she fled with her family to the United States. 
  16. After the war, she returned to Europe, to study economics and political history at Oxford.
  17. From her mother's death in April 1954 to her brother's marriage in August 1968, Princess Astrid was Norway's de facto first lady, often assisting her father and brother with official duties.
  18. In 2005, she took part in ceremonies marking the 60th anniversary of the end of World War II, including the unveiling of a plaque marking the Norwegian monarch's exile in London{Source}. 
  19. In February 2012, Princess Astrid celebrated her 80th birthday with a private dinner at the Royal Palace in Oslo {Source},
  20. She married Johan Martin Ferner in January 1961. 
  21. Together, they have the following children {Source}:
    1. Ms. Cathrine Ferner (1962)
    2. Mr. Benedikte Ferner (1963)
    3. Mr. Alexander Ferner (1965)
    4. Mrs. Elisabeth Ferner Beckmann (1969)
    5. Mr. Carl-Christian Ferner (1972)
  22. Her children-in-law are{Source}:
  23. Her grandsons are{Source}:
    1. Mr. Sebastian Ferner Johansen (1990).
    2. Mr. Edward Ferner (1996)
    3. Master Benjamin Ferner Beckmann (1999)
  24. Her granddaughters are{Source}:
    1. Miss Madeleine Ferner Johansen (1993)
    2. Miss Stella Ferner (1998)
  25. Her husband died on 24 January 2015, shortly after they celebrated their 54th wedding anniversary.
  26. Princess Astrid is chair of the board of Crown Princess Märtha’s Memorial Fund which provides financial support to social and humanitarian initiatives carried out by non-governmental organisations{Source}
  27. The Princess is a patron of several organizations and participates in their activities with great interest. She has been particularly involved in work for children and young people with dyslexia, herself having had a hard time during her childhood and youth due to that condition.
  28. She holds several Norwegian and international honors.
  29. A 580,000 km² area in Antarctica is named Princess Astrid Coast in her honor.
  30. She shares a birthday with Prince Hussein Mirza of Jordan

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