Monday, May 15, 2017

Royal Profile: Ana María Morales y de Grecia

Ana María Morales y de Grecia was born 15 May 2003 in Barcelona, Spain, the second of four children of Princess Alexia of Greece & Denmark{Source}. She is a granddaughter of King Constantine II & Queen Anne-Marie of Greece. Her godparents consisted of {Source}:

  1. Crown Prince Pavlos (maternal uncle)
  2. Alejandro Morales (paternal uncle)

The 14 year old resides in Puerto Calero, Lanzarote, Canary Islands with her parents, older sister, and younger siblings in a house designed by her father {Source}. It's likely she attends school there somewhere.

It's also likely that she speaks at least some Greek, Spanish and English.

Through her mother, she is related to most European monarchies:
  • Denmark: Queen Margarethe II is her great-aunt through her grandmother
  • Spain: her great-aunt is the former Queen of Spain, through her grandfather
  • United Kingdom: The Duke of Edinburgh is her 1st cousin 2x removed
  • United Kingdom: Queen Elizabeth II is her 3rd cousin 2x removed through her grandfather

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