Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Royal Profile: Prince Maximilian of Liechtenstein

Prince Maximilian of Liechtenstein was born on 16 May 1969, the second son of Prince Hans-Adam II and Princess Marie of Liechtenstein{Source}. He has the following siblings, siblings-in-law, and neices and nephews:

  1. Hereditary Prince Alois (1968)
    1. Princess Sophie in Bravia (m. 1993)
      1. Prince Joesph Wenzel of Liechtenstein (1995)
      2. Princess Marie-Caroline of Liechtenstein (1996)
      3. Prince Georg Antonius of Liechtenstein (1999)
      4. Prince Nikolaus Sebastian of Liechtenstein (2000)
  2. Prince Constantin (1972)
    1. Princess Maria (m. 1999)
      1. Prince Moritz (2003)
      2. Princess Georgina (2005)
      3. Prince Benedikt (2008)
  3. Princess Tatjana of Liechtenstein (1973)
    1. Baron Matthias Claus-Just Carl Philipp von Lattorff (m. 1999)
      1. Lukas von Lattorff (2000)
      2. Elisabeth von Lattorff (2002)
      3. Marie von Lattorff (2004)
      4. Camilla von Lattorff (2005)
      5. Anna von Lattorff (2007)
      6. Sophie von Lattorff (2009)
      7. Maximilian von Lattorff (2011)

He attended Gymnasium Grammar School in Vaduz, Liechtensten. He attended the European Business School, where he graduated in 1993{Source}. Afterward, he attended Harvard Business School, where he completed an MBA in 1998{Source}.

He has a background mostly working for financial companies, including Chase Capital Partners and Industrie Kapital{Source}. In 2003, he serves as a manager for the German office of JP Morgan Partners. As of 2006, he is CEO of the Liechtenstein Global Trust{Source}

He was married in January 2000 to Angela Brown. Together, they have one son:

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