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Royal Profile: 40 Facts about Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden, The Duchess of Västergötland

  1. Crown Princess Victoria Ingrid Alice Désirée of Sweden, The Duchess of Västergötland was born 14 July 1977, and is the eldest child  of King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia{Source}.
  2.  She has a younger brother{Source}:
    1. Prince Carl Phillip (1979)
  3. She also has a younger sister{Source}:
    1. Princess Madeline (1982)
  4. She has two siblings-in-law{Source}:
    1. Princess Sofia  (1984, m. 2015)
    2. Mr. Christopher Paul O'Neill (1974, m. 2013)
  5. Through her siblings, she has two nephews{Source}:
    1. Prince Nicolas Paul Gustaf of Sweden,The Duke of Angermanland (2015)
    2. Prince Alexander Erik Hubertus Bertil of Sweden, The Duke of Södermanland (2016)
  6. She also has a niece{Source}:
    1. Princess Leonore Lilian Maria of Sweden, The Duchess of Gotland (2014)
  7. She was baptized at the Palace Church on 27 September 1977 and given the names Victoria Ingrid Alice Désirée. 
  8. Her godparents are:
    1. Ralf Sommerlath (maternal uncle)
    2. Princess Désirée, Baroness Silfverschiöld (paternal aunt)
    3. King Harald V of Norway 
    4. Princess Beatrix of the Netherlands
  9. The Crown Princess was confirmed in the summer of 1992 at Räpplinge church on the island of Öland {Source}
  10. She was named in honor of various relatives.
    1. Victoria: For her greatx2 grandmother, Princess Victoria of Baden & for her greatx4 paternal grandmother Queen Victoria
    2. Ingrid: for her paternal great aunt, Queen Ingrid of Denmark
    3. Alice: For her maternal grandmother, Alice Sommerlath
    4. Désirée: for her patenral aunt and godmother, Princess Désirée, Baroness Silfverschiöld & her ancestor, Désirée Clary, the queen-consort of Charles XIV John and a former fiancée of Napoleon I of France
  11. She was educated in Sweden, France, and the United States. 
  12. She began attending school at Västerled Parish Pre-school from 1982-84{Source}.
  13.  In the fall of 1984, she began to attend Smedslättsskolan in Bromma, where she completed her junior level{Source}. 
  14. She completed her intermediate level at Ålstenskolan in Bromma and went on to pursue senior studies, following a Science and Social Studies programme, at Enskilda Gymnasiet upper secondary school in Stockholm{Source}. 
  15. She graduated from upper secondary school in June 1996. 
  16. She spent that summer gaining knowledge of foreign languages by taking trips to the US and Germany{Source}. 
  17. During the 1996-97 academic year, The Crown Princess studied French at the Centre International D'Études Françaises at the Université Catholique de L'Ouest in Angers, France{Source}.
  18.  In 1997-1998, she followed a specially designed programme in order to gain a general insight into the workings of the Riksdag (the Swedish Parliament) and the Swedish Government and began academic studies in Political Science and History at Yale University in the USA in the spring of 1998{Source}.
  19. She has tried to keep her private life-boyfriends and a battle with Anorexia- away from the public eye.
  20. Because of this, we are only aware of two confirmed boyfriends. 
  21. The first was in the mid-1990s to 2001, Daniel Collert. 
  22. The second was her now-husband, Daniel Westling in 2002. 
  23. As for her eating disorder, she began suffering from Anorexia around 1996, and was confirmed in 1997. 
  24. She moved to the United States in early 1998 to study at Yale University and receive professional help for her disorder away from the media.
  25. Her engagement to Daniel Westling was approved and announced by the Swedish Courts on 24 February 2009{Source}. 
  26. She married Daniel Westling, who became Prince Daniel, Duke of Västergötland on 19 June 2010{Source}. 
  27. On 17 August 2011, it was announced that she and Prince Daniel were expecting their first child in March of 2012. 
  28. In September 2015, they announced they were expecting their second child {Source}. 
  29. Together, they have a son and a daughter, both of whom bear the titles HRH Prince/ss of Sweden and a duchary {Source}:
    1. Princess Estelle Silvia Ewa Mary of Sweden, The Duchess of Östergötland (2012)
    2. Prince Oscar Carl Olof of Sweden, The Duke of Skåne (2016)
  30. She has 14 godchildren, including three future monarchs, who are:
    1. Princess Catharina-Amalia van Oranje (2003)
    2. Princess Ingrid Alexandra of Norway (2004)
    3. Prince Christian of Denmark (2005)
  31. Many of which served as bridesmaids or pageboys at her wedding in June 2010:
    1. Viven Sommerlath (1995)
    2. Giulia Sommerlath (1996)
    3. Baroness Madeleine von Dincklage (1999)
    4. Hedvig Blom (1999)
    5. Ian de Geer (2002)
    6. Léopold Sommerlath (2003)
    7. Princess Catharina-Amalia van Oranje (2003)
    8. Princess Ingrid Alexandra of Norway (2004)
    9. Vera Blom (2004)
    10. Prince Christian of Denmark (2005)
  32. Her full list of godchildren include: 
    1. Prince Constantine-Alexios of Greece and Denmark (1998)
    2. Baroness Madeleine von Dincklage (1999)
    3. Princess Catharina-Amalia van Oranje (2003)
    4. Leopold Sommerlath (2003)
    5. Diana Engsäll (2004?)
    6. Ian Persson (2004?)
    7. Princess Ingrid Alexandra of Norway (2004)
    8. Prince Christian of Denmark (2005)
    9. Princess Eléonore of Belgium (2008)
    10. Vivien Sommerlath
    11. Giulia Sommerlath
    12. Isabella Chloé Nilsson
    13. Princess Leonore Lilian Maria of Sweden, The Duchess of Gotland (2014)
    14. Princess Katharina Victoria Elizabeth Cheryl of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha (2014)
  33. She speaks Swedish, English, French and German {Source}.
  34. She shares a birthday with her paternal cousin, Charles Ambler, who is 11 years her senior.
  35. Her astrological sign is cancer.
  36. She has four paternal aunts and uncles:
    1. Princess Margaretha, Mrs. Ambler (1934)
      1. John Ambler (1924-2008)
    2. Princess Brigitta of Hohenzollern (1937)
      1. Johann Georg, Prince von Hohenzollern (1932-2016, m. 1961, sep. 1990)
    3. Princess Christina, Mrs. Magnuson (1943)
      1. Mr. Tord Gösta Magnuson (1941, m. 1974)
  37. She has the following paternal cousins:
    1. Prince Carl Christian of Hohenzollern (1962)
    2. Princess Désirée of Hohenzollern (1963)
    3. Baron Carl Otto Silfverschiold (1965)
    4. Baroness Sybilla von Dincklage (1965)
    5. Baroness Kristina-Louisa Ewa Madeleine Silfverschiöld (1966)
    6. Mr. Charles Edward Ambler (1966)
    7. Prince Hubertus of Hohenzollern (1966)
    8. Baroness Hélène Ingeborg Sibylla Silfverschiold, Baroness Silfverschiold (1968)
    9. Mr. James Patrick Ambler (1969)
    10. Mr. Carl Gustaf Victor Magnuson (1975)
    11. Mr. Tord Oscar Fredrik Magnuson (1977)
    12. Mr. Victor Edmund Lennart Magnuson (1980)
  38. Crown Princess Victoria has the following paternal cousins-in-law:
    1. Heinrich Graf von Ortonburg (1956, m. 1990, d. 2002/2003?)
      Urusla Mary Shipley (m. 2001)
    2. Gunilla Maria Fredrikson (m. 2005)
    3. Hans Louis GerardFriherre de Greer af Finspäng (m. 1999)
    4. Nicole Neschitsch (1968, m. 1999)
    5.  Uta Maria König (1964, m. 2000)
    6. Eckbert Bohlen und Halbach (1956, m. 2004)
  39. The future Queen of Sweden's paternal 1st cousins 1x removed are:
    1. Carl Theodor Graf von Ortonburg (1992)
    2. Friedrich-Hubertus Graf von Ortonburg (1995)
    3. Carolina Gräfin von Ortonburg (1997)
    4. Prince Nicolas Johann Georg Maria of Hohenzollern (1999)
    5. Estelle Louise Désirée Gerard, Friherinna de Greer af Finspäng (2000)
    6. Prince Lennart Carl Christian of Hohenzollern ( 2001-2001)
    7. Ian Carl Gerard, Friherre de Greer af Finspäng (2002)
    8. Lily Elektra Ambler(2003)
    9. Oscar Rufus Ambler (2004)
    10. Fred Louis GerardFriherre de Greer af Finspäng(2004)
    11. Anna Margareta Sybilla Desiree Silfverschiold (2006)
    12. Princess Vivianne of Hohenzollern (2009) 
  40. She has visited the following countries in official capacity:
    1. The United States
    2. South Africa
    3. Brazil
    4. Australia
    5. China
    6. Japan
    7. Ethiopia
    8. Uganda
    9. Botswana
    10. Spain
    11. France
    12. Germany
    13. Turkey
    14. Malaysia
    15. Finland
    16. Japan

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