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Royal Profile: 90 Facts about Queen Elizabeth II

  1. Princess Elizabeth Alexandra Mary of York was born 21 April 1926 {Source}.
  2. Little Princess Elizabeth was born at 2:40AM GMT{Source}
  3. She is the elder of two daughters to King George VI & Queen Elizabeth {Source}.
  4. She had one sister {Source}:
    1. Princess Margret Rose, The Countess Snowdon (1930-2002)
  5. At her birth, she was third in succession after her uncle and father {Source}.
  6. She was not expected to take the throne {Source}.
  7. However, all that changed in December 1936 when her uncle abdicated in order to marry an American divorcee {Source}.
  8. She was christened in May 1926, with the following as her godparents {Source}:
    1. King George V (paternal grandfather)
    2. Queen Mary (paternal grandmother)
    3. Lord Strathmore (maternal relation)
    4. Prince Arthur, Duke of Connaught (paternal great-uncle)
    5. Princess Mary, Viscountess Lascelles (paternal aunt)
    6.  Lady Elphinstone (maternal aunt)
  9. She was named {Source} :
    1. Elizabeth: For her mother, Queen Elizabeth
    2. Alexandra: For her paternal great grandmother, who died five months before her birth.
    3. Mary: For her paternal grandmother and godmother, Queen Mary (1867-1953)
  10. The Princess's early years were spent at 145 Piccadilly, London, in a taken by her parents shortly after her birth, and at White Lodge in Richmond Park {Source}.
  11. When she turned six years old, her parents moved their young family to The Royal Lodge, Windsor  {Source}.
  12. In the grounds of Royal Lodge, Princess Elizabeth had her own small house, Y Bwthyn Bach (the Little Cottage), which was given to her by the people of Wales in 1932 {Source}.
  13. This little cottage was still on the grounds as of 2012, and had been used by her children and grandchildren {Source}.
  14. The little cottage was also used by her young children, grandchildren, and presumably, now the great grandchildren  {Source}.
  15. During WWII, she and her sister spent most of the years at Windsor Castle {Source}.
  16. She was educated by governesses throughout her education  {Source}.
  17. When her father ascended the throne, her education included Constitutional History & Law, and religion  {Source}.
  18. For her new lessons, she was instructed by her father, the Vice-Provost of Eton & the Archbishop of Canterbury{Source}.
  19. She also undertook French lessons from French and Belgian governesses {Source}.
  20. Princess Elizabeth also studied art and music, learned to ride, and became a strong swimmer {Source}.
  21.  She won the Children's Challenge Shield at London's Bath Club when she was thirteen years old {Source}.
  22. At the age of 11, she was enrolled in a Girls Guides Troop and became a Sea Ranger {Source}.
  23. She is the maternal grandchild of The Earl and Countess of Strathmore {Source}.
  24. She first met her husband to be at the wedding of his cousin, Princess Mariana of Greece to her uncle, The Duke of Kent in 1934 {Source}.
  25. Their engagment was announced on 9 July 1947 {Source}.
  26. They were married on 20 November 1947, in Westminister Abbey{Source}.
  27. Upon her marriage, she became The Princess Elizabeth, The Duchess of Edinburgh{Source}.
  28. From 1948-1951, the royal couple lived in Malta, while Prince Philip was an officer in the Mediterranean Fleet{Source}.
  29. She is the mother of:
    1. The Prince Charles of Wales (1948)
    2. The Princess Anne, The Princess Royal (1950)
    3. The Prince Andrew, The Duke of York (1960)
    4. The Prince Edward, The Earl of Wessex (1964)
  30. She has two daughters-in-law, and a son in law:
    1. Camilla, The Duchess of Cornwall (1947, m. 2005)
    2. Sir Vice Admrial Timothy Laurence (1955, m. 1992)
    3. Sophie, The Countess of Wessex (1965, m. 1999)
  31. She is also a former mother in law to:
    1. Captain Mark Anthony Peter Phillips (1948, m 1973-1992)
    2. Sarah, Duchess of York (1959, m. 1986-1996)
    3. Diana, Princess of Wales (1961-1997, m. 1981-1996)
  32. She is a grandmother to:
    1. Peter Mark Andrew Philips (1977)
    2. Zara Anne Elizabeth Philips (1981)
    3. Prince William, The Duke of Cambridge (1981)
    4. Prince Harry of Wales (1984)
    5. Princess Beatrice of York (1988)
    6. Princess Eugenie of York (1990)
    7. The Lady Louise Alice Elizabeth Mary Mountbatten-Windsor (2003)
    8. James Alexander Philip Theo Mountbatten-Windsor, Viscount Severn (2007)
  33. She is a grandmother-in-law to:
    1. Autumn Patricia Kelly Philips (1978, m. 2008)
    2. Michael James Tindall (1978, m 2011)
    3. Catherine, The Duchess of Cambridge (1981, m 2011)
  34. She is a great grandmother to:
    1. Savanah Anne Kathleen Philips (2010)
    2. Isla Elizabeth Philips (2012)
    3. Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge (2013)
    4. Mia Grace Tindall (2014)
    5. Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana of Cambridge (2015)
  35. She has the following maternal aunts and uncles:
    1. The Hon. Violet Hyacinth Bowes-Lyon(1882-1893)
    2. Lady Mary Frances Bowes-Lyon, Lady Elphinstone  (1883-1961)
      1.  Sidney Elphinstone, 16th Lord Elphinstone (1869-1965, m 1910)
    3. Patrick Bowes-Lyon, Lord Glamis (1884-1949)
      1. Lady Dorothy Beatrix Godolphin-Osborne(1888-1946)
    4. Lieutenant The Hon. John Bowes-Lyon (1896-1930)
      1.  The Honourable Fenella Hepburn-Stuart-Forbes-Trefusis (1889-1966)
    5. The Hon. Alexander Francis Bowes-Lyon (1887-1911)
    6. Captain The Hon. Fergus Bowes-Lyon (1889-1915)
      1. Lady Christina Norah Dawson-Damer (1890-1959)
    7. Lady Rose Constance Bowes-Lyon (1890-1967)
      1. William Leveson-Gower, 4th Earl Granville (1880-1953)
    8. Hon. Sir David Bowes-Lyon (1902-1962)
      1. Rachel Pauline Spender Clay (1907-1996)
  36. Her youngest sons, The Prince Andrew & The Prince Edward were the first children born to a reigning monarch since Queen Victoria gave birth to her children, Princess Louise, The Duchess of Argyll (1848), Prince Arthur, The Duke of Connaught and Strathearn (1850), Prince Leopold, TheDuke of Albany (1853) & The Princess Beatrice (1857) {Source}
  37. She has the following maternal cousins:
    1. Hon. John Patrick Bowes-Lyon, Master of Glamis (1910-1941)
    2. The Hon. Mary Elizabeth Elphinstone (1911-1980)
    3. Lady Cecilia Bowes-Lyon(1912-1947)
    4. John Alexander Elphinstone, 17th Lord Elphinstone (1914-1975)
    5. Rosemary Luisa Bowes-Lyon (1915-1989)
    6. The Hon. Jean Constance Elphinstone (1915-1999)
    7. Patricia Bowes-Lyon (1916-1917)
    8. Anne Ferelith Fenella Bowes-Lyon (1917–1980)
    9. Lady Mary Cecilia Leveson-Gower (1917–2014) 
    10. Lady Nancy Moira Bowes-Lyon  (1918-1959)
    11. Timothy Patrick Bowes-Lyon (1918-1972)
    12. Granville James Leveson-Gower, 5th Earl Granville (1918–1996) 
    13. The Hon. and Rev. Andrew Charles Victor Elphinstone (1918-1975)
    14. Nerissa Jane Irene Bowes-Lyon (1919-1986)
    15. Diana Cinderella Mildred Bowes-Lyon (1923-1986)
    16. The Hon. Margaret Elphinstone (1925)
    17. Katherine Bowes-Lyon (1926-2014)
    18. Fergus Michael Claude Bowes-Lyon17th Earl of Strathmore (1928-1978)
    19. Davina Katherine Bowes-Lyon (1930)
    20. Sir Simon Alexander Bowes-Lyon (1932)
    21. Lady Mary Cecilia Bowes-Lyon (1932)
    22. Lady Patricia Maud Bowes-Lyon(1932-1997)
    23. Michael Albemarle Bowes-Lyon (1940)
  38. She has the following paternal aunts and uncles:
    1. King Edward VII, later Edward, Duke of Windsor (1894-1972)
      1. Wallais, Duchess of Windsor (1896-1986, m. 1937)
    2. Mary, Princess Royal and Countess of Harewood (1897-1965)
      1. Henry Lascelles, 6th Earl of Harewood (1882-1947)
    3. Prince Henry, Duke of Gloucester (1900-1974)
      1. Lady Alice Montagu Douglas Scott (later Princess Alice, The Duchess of Gloucester) (1901-2004, m. 1935-1974, his death)
    4. Prince George, Duke of Kent (1902-1942)
      1. Princess Marina of Greece and Denmark (1906-1968, m. 1934-1942, his death)
    5. Prince John (1905-1919)
  39. Her paternal cousins are:
    1. George Lascelles, 7th Earl of Harewood (1923-2011)
    2. The Honourable Gerald Lascelles (1924-2008)
    3. Prince Edward, The Duke of Kent (1935)
    4. Princess Alexandra, The Honourable Lady Ogilvy (1936)
    5. Prince William of Gloucester (1941-1972)
    6. Prince Michael of Kent (1942)
    7. Prince Richard, Duke of Gloucester (1944)
  40. She is aunt to:
    1. David Albert Charles Armstrong-Jones, Viscount Linley (1961)
    2. The Lady Sarah Frances Elizabeth Chatto (1964)
  41. Through Prince Philip, The Duke of Edinburgh, she is daughter-in-law to:
    1. Prince Andrew of Greece & Denmark (1882-1944)
    2. Princess Alice of Battenberg (1885-1969)
  42. She is aunt-in-law to:
    1. Mr. Daniel St George Chatto (1957, m. 1994)
    2. The Lady Serena Alleyne Armstrong-Jones, Viscountess Linley (1970, m. 1993)
  43. She is a great-aunt to:
    1. Samuel David Benedict Chatto (1996)
    2. Arthur Robert Nathaniel Chatto (1999)
    3. The Hon. Charles Patrick Inigo Armstrong-Jones (1999)
    4. The Hon. Margarita Elizabeth Rose Alleyne Armstrong-Jones (2002)
  44. Through Prince Philip, The Duke of Edinburgh she is sister-in-law to:
    1. Princess Margarita of Greece and Denmark (1905-1981),
      1.  Gottfried, Prince of Hohenlohe-Langenburg (1897-1960)
    2. Princess Theodora of Greece and Denmark (1906-1969)start with this sisters family
      1. Prince Berthold, Margrave of Baden (1906-1963)
    3. Princess Cecilie of Greece and Denmark (1911-1937)
      1. Georg Donatus, Hereditary Grand Duke of Hesse (1906-1937)
    4. Princess Sophie of Greece and Denmark (1914-2001)
      1. Prince Christoph of Hesse (1901-1943, m. 1930-1943) 
      2. Prince George Williem of Hanover (1915-2006, m. 1946)
  45. Through her husband's sisters, she is aunt to:
    1. Prince Ludwig Ernest of Hesse by Rhine (1931-1937)
    2. Princess Margarita Alice of Baden (1932-2013)
    3. Maximilian Andreas, Margrave of Baden (1933)
    4. Prince Alexander Georg of Hesse by Rine (1933-1937)
    5. Princess Christine Margarethe of Hesse-Kassel (1933)
      1. Prince Andrej  of Yugoslavia (m. 1956-1962, div)
      2. Robert Floris van Eyck (1962-1985, div)
    6. Princess Dorothea Charlotte of Hesse-Kassel (1934)
      1. Prince Friedrich Karl of Windisch-Grätz (1917, m 1939)
    7. Prince Kraft Alexander Ernst Ludwig Georg Emich (1935-2004)
    8. Princess Joanna Mariana of Hessse by Rhine (1936-1939)
    9. Princess Beatrix Alice Marie Melita Margarete of Hohenlohe-Langenburg (1936-1997)
    10. Prince Karl Adolf of Hesse-Kassel (1937)
    11. Prince Georg Andreas Heinrich of Hohenlohe-Langenburg (1938)
      1. Luise, Princess of Schönburg-Waldenburg(m. 1968)
    12. Prince Rainier Christoph of Hesse-Kassel (1939)
    13. Princess Clarissa Alice of Hesse-Kassel (1944)
    14. Prince Rupprecht Sigismund Philipp Ernst of Hohenlohe-Langenburg (1944-1978)
    15. Prince Albrecht Wolfgang Christoph of Hohenlohe-Langenburg (1944-1992) 
      1. Maria-Hildegard Fischer (m. 1976)
      2.  Archduchess Valerie of Austria (1941, m. 1966)
    16. Prince Ludwig Wilhelm of Baden (1937) 
      1. Princess Anna Maria von Auersperg-Breunner
    17. Prince Welf Ernest of Hanover (1947)
      1. Wibke van Gunsteren (1948, m. 1969)
    18. Prince Georg Paul Christian of Hanover (1949)
      1.  Victoria Anne Bee (1951, m. 1973)
    19. Princess Frederike of Hanover  (1954)
      1. Jerry William Cyr (m. 1979)
    20. Prince Nikolas of Yugoslavia (1958-)
      1. Ljiljana Licanin (1957,m. 1992)
    21. Princess Katarina of Yugoslavia (1959-).
      1. Sir Desmond de Silva (1939-)
    22. Princess Marie Louise of Baden ( 1969) 
      1.  Richard Dudley Baker (1936, m. 1999)
    23. Princess Tania Saskia Viktoria-Luise of Hanover (1970)
      1. Michael Alexander Robert Naylor-Leyland (m. 1990, div)
      2. Edward Hooper (m. 2007)
    24. Prince Bernhard  of Baden (1970)
      1. Stephanie Kaul (m. 2001)
    25. Prince Leopold Max Christian Ludwig Clemens Hubert of Baden (1971)
    26. Prince Michael Max Andreas of Baden (1976)
  46. Through her husband, she is a great aunt to:
    1. Princess Clarissa Elisabetta of Windisch-Grätz (1966-)
      1. Eric Michel Jacques de Waele(1962, m. 1985)
    2. Princess Tatiana Maria of Yugoslavia (1957-2016)
      1. Gregory Thune-Larsen (1990-2016, her death)
    3. Princess Mariana Marherita of Windisch-Grätz (1960-)
    4. Prince Christopher of Yugoslavia (1960-1994)
    5. Helene Sophie van Eyck (1963)
      1.  Robert Alan Harman (1940, m. 1986)
    6. Mark Nicholas van Eyck (1966)
      1.  Joanne Green (m. 1992)
    7. Prince Christoph of Hessel-Kassel (1969)
    8. Princess Irina Verena of Hessel-Kassel (1971)
      1. Alexander Georg Graf von Schönburg-Glauchau(1969)
    9. Princess Katharina Clementine Beatrix of Hohenlohe-Langenburg (1972)
      1. Prince Nikolaus of Waldeck and Pyrmont (m. 2002)
    10. Princess Tatiana Luise of Hohenlohe-Langenburg (1975)
      1. Hubertus Stephan (m. 2010)
    11. Princess Sophie Thyra of Baden (1975)
    12. Prince Ludwig of Hohenlohe-Langenburg (1976, who coincidentally, she shares a birthday with!)
    13. Prince Bernhard Ernst of Baden (1976)
    14. Princess Vera of Hanover (1976)
      1. Mannuel Dmoch (m. 2006)
    15. Princess Nora of Hanover (1979)
      1. Christian Falk (m. 2007)
    16. Johanna Prinzessin von Hessen-Kassel (1980)
    17. Princess Aglaë Margareta  of Baden (1981)
    18. Julia Emma Cyr (1982)
    19. Jean-Paul Welf Cyr (1985)
    20. Victoria Marie Esme de Silva (1991)
    21. Princess Marija of Yugoslavia (1993)
    22. Jake John Naylor-Leyland (1993)
    23. Gabriel George Naylor-Leyland (1996)
    24. Sofia Baker (2001)
    25. Prince Leopold of Baden (2002)
    26. Prince Friedrich of Baden (2004)
    27. Prince Karl-Wilhelm of Baden (2004)
    28. Louis Ivan Welf Hooper (2007)
  47. Through her husband, she is a great-great aunt to:
    1. Michel Jean Henri de Waele (1986)
    2. Sascha Alexandra Sophie Harman (1986)
    3. Olga Thune-Larsen
    4. Sonia Thune-Larsen (1992)
    5. Princess Laetitia of Waldeck and Pyrmont (2003)
    6. Valentin Polycarp Graf von Schönburg-Glauchau (2005)
    7. Princess Alexia of Waldeck and Pyrmont (2006)
    8. Celina Sophie Dmoch(2007)
    9. Konstantin Georg Erik Falk(2007)
    10. Lepold Welf Christian Falk (2009)
    11. Elena Luisa Dmoch (2009)
    12. Carl Stephan (2012)
    13. Wolf Thomas Dres Stephan (2013)
  48. She shares a birthday with Princess Isabella of Denmark, who is her 3rd cousin 2x removed via King Christian IX of Denmark.
  49. As of September 2016, she is the longest reigning monarch in British history. 
  50. Her greatx3 grandmother, Queen Victoria reigned for 63 years and 216 days, while Queen Elizabeth II has reigned for 64 years, 74 days and counting.
  51. She speaks fluent English, and  French.
  52. She is godmother to{Source}:
    1. Guy Nevill (1945-1992)
    2. Crown Prince Alexander of Yugoslavia (1945)
    3. Charles Strachey, 4th Baron O'Hagan (1945)
    4. Julian Hardinge, 4th Baron Hardinge of Penhurst (1945)
    5. Lavinia King(1946)
    6. Rosemary Elphinstone (1947)
    7. Sandra Butter (1948)
    8. Edward Hay (1949)
    9. The Hon. Michael Knatchbull (1950)
    10. David Hall (1950)
    11. David Lascelles, 8th Earl of Harewood (1950)
    12. Caroline Longman (1951)
    13. Harriet Colville (1952)
    14. Georgina Villiers(1952)
    15. Henry Percy, 11th Duke of Northumberland (1953-1995)
    16. Victoria Rhodes (1953)
    17. The Lady Virginia FitzRoy (1954)
    18. Christopher Abel Smith (1954)
    19. Princess Friederike of Hanover (1954)
    20. George Herbert, 8th Earl of Carnarvon(1956)
    21. Elizabeth Dugale (1957)
    22. George Leveson-Gower, 6th Earl Granville (1959)
    23. Katherine Somervell (1961)
    24. The Hon. James Hussey (1961)
    25. David Armstrong-Jones, Viscount Linely (1961)
    26. Edwina Hicks (1961)
    27. James Robert Bruce Ogilvy (1963)
    28. Charles Spencer, The 9th Earl Spencer (1964)
    29. Princess Theodora of Greece & Denmark (1983)
  53. In 2007 The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh became the first couple in the Royal Family to celebrate their Diamond Wedding anniversary (60 years) {Source}.
  54. In 2017, providing they are both still living (fingers crossed! :)), they will become the first royal couple to celebrate 70 years of marriage (Platinum).
  55. She had 8 bridesmaids and 2 page boys at her wedding:
    1. The Princess Margaret (younger sister)
    2. Princess Alexandra of Kent (first cousin)
    3. Lady Caroline Montagu-Douglas-Scott (daughter of the Duke of Buccleuch)
    4. Lady Mary Cambridge (second cousin)
    5. Lady Elizabeth Lambart (daughter of the Earl of Cavan)
    6. The Hon. Pamela Mountbatten (Philip's first cousin)
    7. The Hon. Margaret Elphinstone (first cousin)
    8. The Hon. Diana Bowes-Lyon (first cousin).
    9. Prince William of Gloucester (first cousin)
    10. Prince Michael of Kent  (first cousin)
  56. She has reigned through 11 US Presidents (and has met all but one):
    1. President Dwight David "Ike" Eisenhower (1953-1961)
    2. President John F. Kennedy (1961-1963)
    3. President Lyndon B. Johnson (1963-1969, he is the one she never met)
    4. President Richard Nixon (1969-1974)
    5. President Gerald Rudolph Ford Jr. (1974-1977)
    6. President James Earl "Jimmy" Carter, Jr. (1977-1981)
    7. President Ronald Wilson Reagan (1981-1989)
    8. President George H. W. Bush (1989–1993)
    9. President William "Bill" Clinton (1993-2001)
    10. President George W. Bush (2001-2009)
    11. President Barack Obama (2009-2017)
  57. She is presently one of the five eldest living descendants of Queen Victoria. The other four are:
    1. Prince Philip, The Duke of Edinburgh (1921, husband)
    2. King Mihai of Romania (1921, 3rd cousin)
    3. Patricia Edwina Victoria Knatchbull, 2nd Countess Mountbatten of Burma, Dowager Lady Brabourne(1924, 3rd cousin)
    4. The Lady Pamela Carmen Louise Hicks (1929, 3rd cousin, sister of Patricia)
  58. In addition to Princess Isabella, she shares a birthday with {Source}:
    1. Charlotte Brontë (writer, 1816-1855)
    2. John Muir (journalist & environmentalist, 1838-1914)
    3. Max Webber (philosopher, 1864-1920)
    4. Anthony Quinn (actor, 1915-2001)
    5. Tony Danza (actor, 1951)
    6. James McAvoy (actor,1979)
    7. Tony Romo (american football player, 1980)
  59. Her grandchildren refer to her as "Granny" {Source}.
  60. Her eldest great-grandson calls her "Gan-Gan" {Source}
  61. She allegedly has a secret talent for skilled impressions {Source}.
  62. The queen wakes to the sound of her personal bagpiper every morning {Source}.
  63. While she's driven by a chauffeur in public, the queen does drive herself around the royal family's private estates {Source}.
  64. Speaking of Her Majesty and cars...During WWII, she learned how to fix cars as part of her role as a member of  the Auxiliary Territorial Service, the women's branch of the British army {Source}.
  65. She learned to drive with Winston Churchill's daughter, {Source}.
  66. The queen is well-traveled, but she doesn't have a passport. According to the official website of the British monarchy, "As a British passport is issued in the name of Her Majesty, it is unnecessary for The Queen to possess one."{Source}.
  67. Over the course of her reign, she has given regular Tuesday-evening audiences to 12 British Prime Ministers{Source}: 
    1. Winston Churchill (1951–55)
    2. Sir Anthony Eden (1955–57)
    3. Harold Macmillan(1957–63)
    4. Sir Alec Douglas-Home (1963–64)
    5. Harold Wilson, 1964–70 and 1974–76)
    6. Edward Heath (1970–74)
    7. James Callaghan (1976–79)
    8. Margaret Thatcher (1979–90)
    9. John Major (1990–97)
    10.  Tony Blair (1997–2007)
    11. Gordon Brown (2007–2010)
    12. David Cameron (2010-present)
  68. The Queen and her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh, introduced small, informal luncheon parties at Buckingham Palace to meet distinguished people from all professions, trades and vocations. The first was held on May 11, 1956, and the tradition continues to this day. There are usually six to eight guests and two members of the royal household in attendance{Source}.
  69. The queen, an avid horse racing fan, owns and breeds race horses {Source}.
  70. Her childhood nickname was Lilibet {Source}.
  71. Her favorite dog is the Corgi. She owns several at any given time{Source}.
  72. Upon her father's death, she inherited not only the throne, but several homes:
    1. Sandringham House (her "winter" residence-Christmas until February)
    2. Balmoral Castle ("late summer" residence, August-September)
    3. Craigowan Lodge (on the Balmoral estate, often used for important guests)
    4. Delnadamph Lodge (another Balmoral estate, currently being renovated for The Prince of Wales & The Duchess of Cornwall)
  73. When a title was discussed for the future Elizabeth II, the possibility of investing her as Princess of Wales in her own right was raised. 
  74. This suggestion was rejected, because Princess of Wales is a courtesy title held by the wife of the Prince of Wales. 
  75. If it were used by Princess Elizabeth, it would have degraded her right as a Princess of the United Kingdom unless Letters Patent or legislation were introduced to the contrary. 
  76. Furthermore, if the then Princess Elizabeth had been given the title of Princess of Wales, there would have been the problem of what to call her future husband. 
  77. Therefore, King George VI decided not to grant his elder daughter the title.
  78. The Queen is the only person in Britain who can drive without a license or number plate on her state car {Source}.
  79. Over her years as Queen, she has undertaken many royal tours.
  80. Queen Elizabeth has visited Australia 16 times, Canada 22 times, Jamaica six times and New Zealand 10 times{Source}.
  81. There have been six Roman Catholic Popes during the Queen's reign {Source}:
    1. Pius XII (1939-1958)
    2. John XXIII (1958-1963)
    3. Paul VI (1963-1978)
    4. John Paul I (1978-2005)
    5. Benedict XVI (2005-2013)
    6. Francis I (2013-Present)
  82. She has attended 35 Royal Variety Performances {Source}.
  83. She has launched 23 ships in her lifetime, some of which are{Source}:
    1. HMS Vanguard (November 1944, as The Princess Elizabeth)
    2. RMS Caronia (1947) {Source}
    3. HMY Britannia (1953)
    4. Queen Elizabeth 2(1967)
    5. RMS Queen Mary 2 (2004)
    6. RMS Queen Elizabeth (October 2010){Source}
  84. Princess Elizabeth, she traveled in the London Underground subway system for the first time in May 1939, accompanied by her governess Marion Crawford and her sister Princess Margaret {Source}.
  85. She is a keen photographer, and often takes photos of her family {Source}.
  86. The first soccer match the Queen attended was the 1953 FA Cup final {Source}.
  87. The first royal walkabout took place during the Queen's visit with Prince Philip to Australia and New Zealand in 1970. The practice was introduced to allow them to meet a greater number of people, not just officials and dignitaries{Source}.
  88. An important innovation during her reign was the opening in 1962 of a new gallery at Buckingham Palace to display items from the royal collection. The brainchild of the Duke of Edinburgh, the Queen's Gallery occupied the palace's bomb-damaged private chapel. It was the first time that parts of the palace had been opened to the general public{Source}.
  89. She has opened Parliament every year except 1959 and 1963, when she was expecting her children Prince Andrew and Prince Edward, respectively{Source}.
  90. She went on her first state visit as Princess Elizabeth to South Africa with her mother and father, then King and Queen, from February to May 1947. The tour included Zimbabwe, Bechuanaland, Swaziland and Basutoland (now Lesotho). The Princess celebrated her 21st birthday in Cape Town. Her first state visit as Queen was to Kenya: her father King George VI died, and she acceded the throne during the tour, which had to be abandoned{Source}

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