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Royal Profile: 45 Facts About Queen Máxima of The Netherlands

  1. Queen Máxima of the Netherlands was born 17 May 1971, in Buenos Aires, Argentina{Source}.
  2. She is the daughter of Jorge Horacio Zorreguieta Stefanini  and his second wife María del Carmen Cerruti Carricart (b. 1944){Source}. 
  3. She is the eldest of the children of Jorge and Maria. However, she is not her father's eldest child.
  4. She has  three half-sisters by her father's first wife Marta López Gil{Source}:
    1. María Zorreguieta López (1956)
    2. Ángeles Zorreguieta López (1958)
    3. Dolores Zorreguieta López (1965)
  5. She is a half-sister in law to:
    1.  Adrián Vilov (Maria)
    2. Harmond Grad Lewis (Dolores)
  6. She also has two brothers and a younger sister {Source}:
    1. Martín Zorreguieta Cerruti (1972)
    2. Juan Zorreguieta Cerruti (1982)
    3. Inés Zorreguieta Cerruti (1984)
  7. She is a sister-in-law to:
    1. Mariana Andrés(Martin)
    2. Andrea Wolf (m. 2014, Juan)
  8. Through her own siblings, she is an aunt to:
    1. Ana Vojnov Zorreguieta (1996) 
  9. She attended Northlands School {Source}. 
  10. She also attended Universidad Católica Argentina{Source}. 
  11. She graduated with a degree in Economics in 1995{Source}. 
  12. She worked as an investment banker after graduating{Source}.
  13. She worked for large international Finance companies in Argentina, New York and Europe{Source}.
  14. She has worked in Argentina, The United States and Belgium {Source}
  15. She met the heir to the Dutch throne when they were both attending the Seville Spring Fair: "Feria de abril de Sevilla" in 1999{Source}.
  16.  At the time, she was unaware that he was a prince, as he had introduced himself as simply, Alexander{Source}. 
  17. Apparently, when Alexander confessed that he was a prince, she thought he was joking{Source}!
  18.  After their initial meeting, they agreed to meet again in New York City, where she was working at the time{Source}. 
  19. Their relationship and eventual marriage plans were not met without controversy due to her father's involvement with the Argentine government. 
  20. Thus, when she and her prince married in Amsterdam on 2 February 2002, her parents were not among the guests.
  21. However, her parents did attend the christening of their granddaughters. 
  22. They were not allowed at the wedding due to it being an official state occasion, while the christenings were considered private.
  23. On her 30th birthday (2001, shortly before the wedding), she was granted dual Argentine and Dutch Citizenship by royal decree.
  24. By Royal Decree on 25 January 2002, upon the solemnization of marriage Máxima Zorreguieta was taken up into the Dutch nobility and the title Princess of the Netherlands and Princess of Orange-Nassau, and the predicate Royal Highness, were formally granted to her{Source}. 
  25. By Royal Decree nr. 42 of 25 January 2002, the Princess was granted her own personal coat of arms and a personal standard{Source}.
  26. On 13 May 2011 the Dutch parliament confirmed that when the Prince of Orange ascends the throne, Princess Máxima will take the style and title of Her Majesty The Queen of the Netherlands{Source}.
  27. Rather than converting to the Reformed Dutch Church upon marriage, she remained Roman Catholic, agreeing that any of their children would be raised within the religion of the Dutch Royal Family.
  28. Together, they have three daughters who are:
    1. Princess Catharina-Amalia Beatrix Carmen Victoria of Oranje (2003) 
    2. Princess Alexia Juliana Marcela Laurentien of The Netherlands (2005) 
    3. Princess Ariane Wilhelmina Máxima Inés of The Netherlands (2007) 
  29. She is a godmother to:
    1. Countess Sophie Philippa Máxima Walburga Marie of Waldburg-Zeil (2000)
    2. Prince Sverre Magnus of Norway (2005) {Source}
    3. Countess Leonore van Orange-Nassau, Jonkvrouwe van Amsberg (her niece, 2006) 
  30. Queen Maxima is active in rights for women and migrants to The Netherlands{Source}. 
  31. Her native touge is Spanish.
  32. Once she became engaged to the future King of The Netherlands, she quickly set out to learn the language-Dutch.
  33. She speaks fluent English, Dutch and Spanish. 
  34. She is often acting as a representative of The Netherlands at conference around the world{Source}.
  35. Her astrological sign is Taurus.
  36. Her life path number is 4.
  37. She is  good friends with Princess Charlene of Monaco {Source}.
  38. She is also close with Queen Mathilde {Source}.
  39. She initially didn't tell her family much about her new boyfriend-a little here and there, until there was noting to say but "He's a Prince of The Netherlands" {Source}.
  40. She enjoys dancing and singing {Source}.
  41. She supports gay rights {Source}.
  42. She is the daughter-in-law of Princess Beatrix and Prince Claus of The Netherlands.
  43. She is the sister-in-law of:
    1. Prince Friso of Oranje-Nassau (1968-2013)
    2. Prince Constantijn  of The Netherlands (1969)
  44. Through her brothers-in-law, she is also a sister-in-law to:
    1. Princess Mabel van Oranje-Nassau
    2. Princess Laurentien of The Netherlands
  45. Through her husband, she is an aunt to:
    1. Countess Eloise of Oranje-Nassau, Jonkvrouwe van Amsberg (2002)
    2. Count Claus-Casimir Bernhard Marius Max van Oranje-Nassau, Jonkheer van Amsberg (2003)
    3. Countess Leonore van Oranje-Nassau, Jonkvrouwe van Amsberg (2006)
    4. Countess Emma Luana Ninette Sophie van Orange-Nassau, Jonkvrouwe van Amsberg (2005)
    5. Countess Joanna Zaria Nicoline Milou van Orange-Nassau, Jonkvrouwe van Amsberg (2006)

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