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Royal Profile: Princess Elisabeth of Denmark

Princess Elisabeth Caroline-Mathilde Alexandrine Helena Olga Thyra Feodora Estrid Margrethe Désirée of Denmark was born on 8 May 1935 as the eldest child and only daughter of  Hereditary Prince Knud &Hereditary Princess Caroline-Mathilde of Denmark {Source}. She has two younger brothers, three sisters-in-law, three nieces, four newphews-in-law (one former) and four great nephews and three great nieces {Source}:

  1. Prince Ingolf of Denmark (now Count Ingolf of Rosenborg) (1940)
    1. Inge Terney (1938-1996, m. 1968-1996, her death)
    2. Sussie Hjorhøy (1950, m. 1998)
  2. Prince Christian Frederik of Denmark (now Count Christian Frederik of Rosenborg) (1942-2013)
    1. Anne Dorte Maltoft-Nielsen (1947-2014, m. 1971-2013, his death)
      1. Countess Josephine Caroline Elisabeth af Rosenborg (1972 )
        1. Thomas Christian Schmidt (1970, m. 1998)
          1. Julius Christian Emil Schmidt af Rosenborg (2001)
          2. Clara Dorte Elisabeth Schmidt af Rosenborg (2004)
      2. Countess Camilla Alexandrine Cristine af Rosenborg (1972,twin)
        1. Mikael Rosanes (1952, m. 1995)
          1. Anastasia Caroline Amalie Rosanes af Rosenborg (1997)
          2. Ludwig Christian Mikael Rosanes af Rosenborg (2000)
          3. Leopold Christian Ingolf Rosanes af Rosenborg (2005)
          4. Theodor Christian Emanuel Rosanes af Rosenborg (2008)
      3. Countess Feodora Mathilde Helena af Rosenborg (1975)
        1. Eric Hervé Patrice Patte (1976, m. 2004-2005, div)
        2. Morten Rønnow (m. 2008)
          1. Caroline-Mathilde Margrethe Rønnow af Rosenborg (2009)
Unlike her brothers, she has never married, thus retains her place and title in the Danish Royal Family. She is presently 12th in succession for the Danish throne after Princess Benedikte.

She was employed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs from 1956-2001, where she was posted abroad on several occasions. 

She never married or had children, however she did live with film director Claus Hermansen for 20 years until his death in 1997 {Source}. She grew up with her brothers at Sorgenfri Palace. She still resides there, in a different part of the palace. She is a godmother to her great nephew, Theodor {Source}.

Over the years, she has undertaken many official duties. She is part of several offical ceremonies regarding the Danish Royal Family, including the New Year's Courts {Source}. She is a patron of several organizations, including:

  1. Kjæden (the chain).
  2. Danish-Brazilian Association (alongside HH Princess Dorrit Romanoff)
  3. Danish-Japanese Society
  4. Præmieselskabet for Plejemødre af 1861 (award-giving society for foster mothers of 1861)

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