Monday, February 1, 2016

Royal Profile: Caroline-Mathilde Margrethe Rønnow af Rosenborg

Caroline-Mathilde Margrethe Rønnow af Rosenborg was born 1 February 2009, the daughter of Countess Feodora af Rosenborg and Morten Rønnow {Source}. She was the granddaughter of Count Christian of Rosenborg, and thus is a distant relative of the Danish Royal Family, but is not in line herself.

Given her age and the fact that technically she is not in line for the throne, she does not perform any public duties, and likely that she lives a fairly normal life and not much is known about her. As she gets older, she will likely fufill her mother's role of attending family weddings and other major family events.

She is of similar age to her second cousin, Prince Henrik of Denmark (son of Prince Joachim), and likely attends either a day-care or pre-school somewhere in Denmark or started school this year.

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