Saturday, February 6, 2016

Royal Profile: Princess Louise of Belgium

Princess Louise Sophie Mary of Belgium was born 6 February 2003, the first child of Prince Laurent and Princess Claire.

She was christened when she was 8 months old. Her godmothers were:
  1. Princess Margaretha of Liechtenstein (her father's 1st cousin)
  2. Ms. Marie-Claude Solvay 

There was no mention of who her godfather was but some reports claim that her godfather was non-catholic Reza Pahlavi.

Her first communion was celebrated in 2011, and was attended by several members of the Belgian Royal Family, including her parents, grandparents brothers, aunt and uncle Archducess Astrid & Archduke Lorenz, and their daughter, Princess Laetitia Maria (who was also 7 years old at this time), aunt and uncle The Duke & Duchess of Brabant with their children{Source}

In 2005, her parents brought home two young brothers for the little Princess, Prince Nicolas & Prince Aymeric. Because of the absolute primogeniture, her brothers did not displace her in the Belgian line of succession. Presently, Princess Louise is 13th position for the Belgian throne.

She began attending a private school in Tervuren, before attending Lycee Francais. She also speaks French and is learning English in school {Source}

Because she is so young and so far down in the line of succession, she is primarily kept from the limelight. She is usually photographed with other family members at official family portrait photocall sessions, such as the summer {2008}and Christmas calls {Christmas 2006}

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