Saturday, May 7, 2016

Royal Profile: Prince Josef-Emanuel of Liechtenstein

Prince Josef-Emanuel of Liechtenstein was born 7 May 1989 in Belgium, the youngest of four children to Prince Nikolaus and Princess Margaretha of Liechtenstein {Source}. His three siblings are {Source}:

  1. Prince Leopold Emmanuel Jean Marie of Liechtenstein (1984)
  2. Princess Maria-Anunciata Astrid Joséphine Veronica of Liechtenstein (1985)
  3. Princess Marie-Astrid Nora Margarita Veronica of Liechtenstein (1987)

Until 2010, his father served as an Ambassador from Liechtenstein for Belgium. This worked out well for his mother's sake-her uncle is the present King of Belgium. Therefore, it's almost safe to say that Prince Josef-Emanuel grew up around the children of his mother's cousin Princess Astrid, Prince Amedeo, Princess Maria Laura, Prince Joachim & Princess Maria Luisa.

The 27-year old is presently in 15th place for the throne of Liechtenstein after his father.

Just as his maternal grandfather and uncle before him, the young prince attended The Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst {Source}. After graduation, the young prince was placed in the Irish Guard, where he was quickly promoted to Lieutenant{Source}.

In the Trooping of the Colour ceremony in 2010, he had the responsibility of presenting Queen Elizabeth II with the flag of his regiment{Source}.

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