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Royal Profile: 24 Facts about Angelica Margaretta Bianca Kreuger Knight

  1. Angelica Margaretta Bianca Kreuger Knight was born 29 December 1986 as the daughter of John Kreuger and Mrs. Irina Walker {Source}. 
  2. Her maternal grandparents are King Mihai I of Romania and Queen Anne of Romania {Source}. 
  3. She has one older brother{Source}:
    1.  Michael Kreuger de Roumaine (1984)
  4. She is also the sister-in-law of:
    1. Tara Littlefeld Kreuger de Roumaine(m 2011)
  5. She is the aunt of:
    1. Master Kohen Kreuger de Roumaine (2012)
  6. On 31 May 2007, she gave birth to a daughter, Courtney Bianca Knight {Source}. 
  7. Almost two and a half years later, she married her child's father, Richard Robert Knight on 29 October 2009 {Source}. 
  8. In 2011, she gave birth to her second child, Diana.
  9. Upon her birth, she wasn't included in the Romanian succession. 
  10. She was briefly part of succession, according to this site {Source}. 
  11. However, on 29 October 2014, Walker's father altered the line of succession, stripping Irina of her royal titles and removing her and her two children from the line of succession {Source}{Source}.
  12. However, as a distant great grandchild of Queen Victoria, she remains distantly in succession for the British throne.
  13. It's likely that she grew up fairly normally, and lives a relatively normal life.
  14. She shares a birthday with Dr. Claire Alexandra Windsor, The Countess of Ulster (1972) and Savanna Anne Kathleen Philips (2010), who are from the United Kingdom. Philips is in the succession for the throne, and The Countess of Ulster is married to someone in succession.
  15. From Japan, she shares a birthday with Princess Kako of Akishino (1994)
  16. From Italy, she shares a birthday with fellow defunct royal, Princess Vittoria of Savoy (2003).
  17. She is the maternal niece of:
    1. Crown Princess Margareta of Romania (1949)
      1. Prince Radu of Romania (1960, m. 1996)
    2. Princess Elena of Romania (1950)
      1. Dr. Robin Medforth-Mills (1942-2002, m. 1983-1991)
      2. HE Domnul Alexander Philips Nixon (McAteer) (m. 1998)
    3. Princess Sofia of Romania (1957)
      1. Alain Michael Léone Biarneix de Laufenbourg (1957,  m. 1998-2002)
    4. Princess Maria of Romania (1964)
      1. Casimir Wieslaw Mystkowski (1958, m. 1995-2002)
  18. Her first cousins are:
      1. Mr. Nicholas  Medford-Mills de Roumaine (1985)
      2. Miss Elisabeta-Karina Medford-Mills (1989)
      3. Miss Elisabeth-Maria de Roumanie Biarneix (1998)
  19. Through her great grandfather king Carlo II of Romania, she is a 4x great gramddaughter of Queen Victoria through her son  Alfred, Duke of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha.
  20. Through Queen Victoria's eldest daughter, Victoria, Princess Royal, and Angelica's great grandmother, Princess Helen of Greece and Denmark, she is Queen Victoria's 4x great granddaughter.
  21. On her grandmother's side, she is King Christian IX of Denmark's greatx3 granddaughter.
  22. She grew up in the United States.
  23. She has an active account on Facebook (don't even THINK about asking for her link).
  24. She is related to the following monarchs:
    1. Spain: King Felipe VI of Spain is her 2nd cousin 1x removed-her grandfather and his mother were first cousins.

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