Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Royal Profile: Prince Nicolas of Belgium

Prince Nicolas Casimir Marie of Belgium was born on 13 December 2005, the second child of Prince Laurent & Princess Claire of Belgium {Source}. He has two siblings:
  1. Princess Louise Sophie Mary of Belgium (2004)
  2. Prince Aymeric of Belgium (2005, twin)

He has a younger twin brother, Prince Aymeric and an older sister, Princess Louise{Source}. 

Prince Nicolas was named:
  • Nicolas: for his maternal grandfather, Nicolas Coombs{Source}
  • Casimir: likely a name his parents liked
  • Marie: Traditional Royal Catholic name, many of his cousins also have it among their names.
He and his brother are approximately one minute apart {Source}

He and his brother should be attending the same school as their elder sister,  Lycée Français de Bruxelles and they should be in their 7th year at the school. He is currently 14th in succession for the Belgian throne.

Presently, Prince Nicolas is 13th in line for the Belgian throne, after his uncle, aunt, 8 cousins, father and sister. Along with the other Belgian royals, he has appeared at various events, such as Belgian National Day (2012), Princess Astrid's 50th birthday party, the Belgian premiere of The Smurfs, and a performance of Circus Bouglione Show. On 29 May 2014, he and his brother Aymeric made their first communion at Sainte-Catherine Bonlez, with the royal family in attendance {Source}. In December 2014, the day before his birthday, he attended the funeral service of his great-aunt, Queen Fabiola {Photos}. In 2015, they attended the premiere of the film Song of the Sea {Photo}, the opening of an exhibit at the Anne Frank House {Photos}.

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