Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Royal Profile: Princess Christa Ingeborg von Thurn und Taxis

Princess Christa Ingeborg von Thurn und Taxis was born 14 December 1941 as Christa Ingeborg Heinle {Source}.

She married Prince Max Emmanuel von Thurn und Taxis on 15 March 1973{Source}. Together, they have two sons, neither of whom have dynastic rights due to being born of an unequal marriage{Source}:

Princess Christa began a "career" with the Bavarian Red Cross in 1985. She started out as Vice Chairwoman of the Bavaraian Red Cross in Ostallgäu. In 1989, she became chairwoman of the region of Swabia. She served in these positions until 2005. Since 1989, she has been a member of the BRK-Land Board and the Committee for Social Services. In 1994, she became part of the Federal Committee for Welfare and Social Work in BRK. From 1993-2001, Christa was a member BRK Committee for Readiness. In 1995 she was a founding member of the Academy of the German Red Cross. From 1997-2000, she was a senator in the Landtag of Bavaria. In November 1999, Christa began serving as Vice President of BRK. On 8 November 2003, she became the first woman to be elected President of the Bavarian Red Cross; she had already led the organization for the past five months after the previous president scaled down his duties due to health problems. In 2003, she was also a member of the Council Pen (Stiftsratsvorsitzende Jutta Lowag) of the women's pen on Luitpoldpark.

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