Saturday, March 3, 2018

Royal Profile: 14 Facts about The Infanta Maria Francisca de Herédia de Bragança of Portugal

  1. The Infanta Maria Francisca Isabel Micaela Gabriela Rafaela Paula de Herédia de Bragança was born 3 March 1997
  2. She is the only daughter of The Duke & Duchess of Braganza.
  3. She is presently 3rd in line for the deposed throne of Portugal after her father and brothers.
  4.  She was baptized in June 1997 at Vila Viçosa in the Church of the Immaculate Conception {Source}. 
  5. Her godparents are
    1. Infante D. Henrique, Duke of Coimbra (paternal uncle)
    2. Princess Marie of Liechtenstein (second cousin)
  6.  At the age of 10, she was torn between becoming a doctor or bull fighter {Source}.
  7.  She is also said to enjoy music, poetry and theatre {Source}.
  8.  In 2008, at the age of 11, she made her public debut with her parents and younger brothers at a Dinner of the Conjured{Source}.
  9. For her 18th birthday in 2015, her family released new portraits of her {Photos}
  10.  Due to her throne being defunct, she likely lives a normal life.
  11. She was named:
    1. Maria Francisca: her paternal great grandmother,  Maria Francisca of Orléans-Braganza
    2. Isabel: Her mother
    3. Mihaela: no idea
    4. Gabriela: no idea
    5. Rafaela: no idea
    6. Paula: No idea
  12. She shares a birthday with David Charles Carnegie4th Duke of Fife (1961).
  13. She also shares a birthday with Prince Henri de Ligne (1989).
  14. Her astrological sign is Pisces.

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