Sunday, March 18, 2018

Royal Profile: Archduke Joesph Karl of Austria

Archduke Joesph Karl of Austria was born 18 March 1960 as the son of Archduke Joesph of Austria and Princess Maria zu Löwenstein-Wertheim-Rosenberg {Source}. He has two older siblings, and five younger, as well as many siblings-in-law, nieces, and  nephews{Source}:
  1. Archduke Joseph Karl of Austria (1957-1957)
  2. Archduchess Monika-Ilona of Austria (1958)
    1. Charles Henri de Rambures (1968, m. 1996)
  3. Archduchess Maria-Christina of Austria (1961)
    1. Raymond van der Meide (1959, m. 1998)
      1. James Andrew van der Meide (1991)
      2. Miriam van der Meide (1992)
      3. Veronica van der Meide (1993)
  4. Archduke Andreas-Augustinus of Austria (1963)
    1. Marie-Christine Gräfin von Hatzfeldt-Donhoff (1968, m. 1994)
      1. Archduke Frederic Cyprien of Austria (1995)
  5. Archduchess Alexandra of Austria (1965)
    1. Wilhelmus de Wit (1965, m. 1969)
  6. Archduke Nikolaus of Austria (1973)
    1. Eugenia de Calonje Gurrea (1973, m. 2002)
  7. Archduke Johannes-Jacobus of Austria (1975)
    1. Maria Gabriela Montenegro Villamizar (1978, m. 2009)
Through his mother, he is a distant relation of the Belgian Royal family as she and Queen Paola are 2nd cousins 1x removed. He shares a birthday with Prince Eudes Thibaut Joseph Marie d'Orléans, The Duke of Angouleme.

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