Monday, December 31, 2012

Editor's Picks: 2013 Predictions?

No idea-Thoughts?

Denmark:No idea-Thoughts?


  • Speculation is over, and a Divorce announcement for E-A & Caro 
  • Possible Engagement for E-A Jr or Christian 
  • Alexandra (13) converts from Protestant to Catholic, renouncing her rights to the British Throne as the new law hasn't gone into effect yet, but it doesn't really matter or is a big controversy because she's been attending a catholic school anyway in Monaco and is like 420th in line. 
  • Birth of the twins for Sophie & Georg Fredrich, likely boys (60-40 chance…I just did the math based on DNA…27/47 of the last births in the Prussian Royals have been male, while 20/47 have been female), and sometime in February 2013. Possible Godparents: one of the von Schaumburg-Lippe royals (several attended their wedding), Maybe Lord or Lady Nicholas Windsor?, maybe one of the witnesses from their wedding (Princess Sophie of Baden, Dr Stephanie Bermig, Dr Prince Johann Georg of Hohenzollern, Nicolai Nowak, Archduchess Katharina of Austria-Este, Duke Konstantin of Oldenburg)?, maybe Archduke Martin of Austria-Este (his sons Emmanuel & Bartholomeus were in the wedding) or perhaps Prince Friedrich zu Wied or Isabelle von Isenberg (their daughter was in G & S Wedding & Isabelle is Sophie's sister). Possible name (based on popular/traditional names from the von Isenberg and von Preußen families):Ferninand Friedrich Franz Prinz von Preußen and ?

  • Wedding of Princess Iman

  • Baby announcement from the Hereditary Grand Ducal Couple late in the year 
  • Wedding for Prince Felix to Claire Lademacher in Germany in August or September


No idea-Thoughts?

  • Break off of the “engagement” of Andrea and Tatiana (not that they are engaged anyway. The whole thing still looks sketchy to me). A nasty court battle for their dog, Daphne ensues. You know, kinda like the one played out here
  • Announcement of the REAL engagement: Pierre and Beatrice 
  • Announcement of official divorce of Princess Caro & Ernest 
  • Baby announcement in September for Albert & Charlene (likely: a boy, as the chances are 27/43 of the last 19 generations have been male on Prince Pierre's side, where the gene would come from. But it still could go either way. Likely name? Charles Rainier Michael Albert or for a girl either Marie Elisabeth Grace or Louise Marguriete Lynette. Godparents? Someone from the Olympic world, one of Albie's sisters, Princess Charlene's mother &/or one of her brothers)
  • More Pauline sightings (possibly another patronage for her, elephant related?), and more of Princess Alexandra on the ice (possible ice-related patronage and/or participation in the 2012 Euro Youth Olympic Festival in rep for Monaco in Romania in February, from the 17-21st (AKA her February break from FANB)) 
  • A change in legislation announcement: Camille & Jazmin are in line for the throne (that was a joke...wishful thinking!) 

The Netherlands:
  • Prince Friso is either allowed to die or wakes up. I'm opting for option 2 given the recent events of him waking briefly, smiling and slipping back into it. {Source}
  • Possible Baby # 4 for Maxima & Williem-Alexander. Likely another A name....if the rumors are true.... 

No idea....thoughts? Go.

  • Juan Carlos...abdication speculations? 
  • Possible divorce for Infanta Cristina? 

  • Wedding for Princess Madeleine in June 
  • Princess Madeleine and her new hubby move back to Sweden by the end of the year 
  • Engagement for Prince Carl Philip? 
  • Second pregnancy for CP Victoria & Prince Daniel? 
United Kingdom:
  • Engagement announcements in April-ish from Bea & Eugenie. Bea will marry Dave 1st, late summer, after her birthday & birth of baby Cambridge. Eugenie will marry in the fall. 
  • Birth of Cambridge baby in July/August. (would it be ironic if it was born on Zara Philips's anniversary or Prince William's birthday or the Queen's or Diana's?)Possible gender: boy (that gene comes from the male line, and based on my calculations, it's a 38/68 chance for a boy, or 56% likely). Possible names: Philip Charles Michael William? And for a girl: Victoria Carole Elizabeth Diana? 
  • Possible late 2013 Australia-NZ tour for The Duke & Duchess of Cambridge (and possibly Baby Cambridge)

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