Saturday, April 6, 2013

Prince Albert, Princess Charlene & Pierre Casiraghi visit Republic of Palau

Day 1 (March 11)

Upon their arrival in the Far East Nation, the prince and princess were escorted to a traditional Palauan war canoe, kabekl  to the docks of Koror {Source}. From there, they moved on to the capitol building, were received by the President and First Lady in a private audience {Source}{Source}{Video}{Source}. After their private audience, the President and Prince of Monaco proceeded to a meeting with both of the Cambers of the National Congress, where the prince spoke  about the two nations similar views on the planet's major environmental problems {Source}. Afterward, the Princely Couple met with students of the Melekeok School  {Source}{Photos} before ending their day with a visit to the Palau International Coral Reef Center{Source}. The Prince also attended a working meeting with members of the Prince Albert II Foundation and members of the  Ministry of Palau in charge of Natural Resources, Environment and Tourism {Source}. They finished off their day with an official dinner{Source}. {Video}

Day 2 (March 12)

No photos or anything.

Day 3 (March 13)

No photos or anything.

Day 4 (March 14)

Prince Albert, Princess Charlene and Pierre Rainier Stefano Casiraghi  visited the Palau Aquarium at the Palau  International Coral Reef Center {Photos}. Also the Prince and Princess celebrated his Serene Highness's 55th birthday {Source}

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