Saturday, April 13, 2013

Queen Sofia of Spain visits Mozembique

Day 1 (April 8th)

Queen Sofia arrived in Mozembique on Monday to begin a 4 day official visit to the country{Source}. Upon arrival at the airport, she and her delegation were greeted by Mozambique's Minister of Women and Social Action{Source}

Day 2 (April 9)

During the day, Queen Sofia visited a medical research center funded by the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation and toured the city of Manhiça, Mozambique. She also visited the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation headquarters

In the evening the Queen of Spain attended a reception for the Spainsh people who reside in Mozambique's capital city {Photos}.

Day 3 (April 10th)

Queen Sofía visits a Crafts, Flowers and Gastronomy Fair in Maputo{Video}. This Fair is fully financed by the Spanish Cooperation Agency{Photos}{Video}{Video}{Video}.

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