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Royal Profile: Prince Jaime Bernardo of Bourbon-Parma, The Count of Bardi

Prince Jaime Bernardo of Bourbon-Parma, The Count of Bardi was born 13 October 1972 as the son of Princess Irene of The Netherlands and Prince Carlo, The Duke of Parma {Source}. He has the following siblings, siblings in law and nieces and nephews:
  1. Prince Carlos of Bourbon- Parma, The Duke of Parma (1970)
    1. Miss Brigitte Klynstra (1959)
      1. Master Carlos Klynstra (illegitimate, 1997)
    2. Princess Annemarie of Bourbon-Parma, The Duchess of Parma (1977)
      1. Princess Luisa of Bourbon-Parma (2012)
      2. Princess Cecila of Bourbon-Parma (2013)
  2. Princess Margarita of Bourbon-Parma, The Countess of Colorno  (1972, twin)
    1. Mr. Tjalling Siebe ten Cate
      1. Miss Julia Carolina Catharina ten Cate (2008)
      2. Miss Paola Cecilia Laurentien ten Cate (2011)
  3. Princess Maria Carolina of Bourbon-Parma (1974)
    1. Mr. Albert Alphons Ludgerus Brenninkmeijer (1974)
      1. Miss Alaïa-Maria Irene Cécile Brenninkmeijer (2014)
His grandfather, Prince Berhard of The Netherlands, Prince of Lippe-Biesterfeld is one of his godparents.  He grew up partially in Spain, and in The Netherlands. When he was 11 years old, her parents divorced, and he moved to The Netherlands with his mother and siblings, into hi=is grandparents' home, later moving to a home nearby.

He was educated in Spain, The Netherlands and the United States. He spent his early years in Spain, before his parents divorce, and finished his formal education in The Netherlands. Upon finishing his formal education, he attended Brown University, earning a degree in International Relations. After finishing his BA, he continued with a masters degree in International Economics and Conflict Management from Johns Hopkins University. During his university years, he did an internships at the World Wide Fund for Nature and the Red Cross.

Upon graduation, he returned to The Netherlands. He began working as the prime secretary of The Netherlands's embassy in Iraq before becoming a political adviser to the peace mission in Afghanistan. Until the summer of 2007, he worked  on secondment in the cabinet of the European Commissioner Neelie Kroes. In 2007, he returned to The Netherlands's office of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, where he held a position of Special Envoy Natural Resources. In Februrary 2014, his cousin appointed him ambassador to The Holy See for The Netherlands.

Prince Jaime has also worked on several other projects. He was an interviewer for the documentary series, Africa, War is Business. The Prince regularly performs representative tasks for the royal house of the Netherlands and the Ducal House of Bourbon-Parma. He is regularly present as a representative at royal marriages, baptismal ceremonies, and funerals.

Since 2014, he has been the Dutch ambassador to The Holy See on behalf of his cousin,  King Willem-Alexander.

On 12 August 2013, his engagement to Viktória Cservenyák was announced. They were wed civilly on 3 October 2013, and religously two days later. On 21 February 2014,Viktória gave birth to their first child:

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