Friday, October 23, 2015

Royal Profile: Princess Olga Margarita of Leiningen

Princess Olga Margarita Valerie Elisabeth Stephanie Alexandra of  Leiningen was born on 23 October 1984 as daughter of Andreas, Prince of Leiningen and Princess Alexandra Irene Margaretha Elisabeth Bathildis of Hannover {Source}. She has two brothers {Source}:
  1. Prince Ferdinand Heinrich Emich Christian Karl, Hereditary Prince of Leiningen (1982)
  2. Prince Hermann of Leiningen (1986)
If I had to guess, her godparents are as follows (I *could be* wrong about this, but if her parents went with the Hanoverian tradition of naming her after her godmothers...):
  1. Princess Olga of Hanover (maternal aunt)
  2. Princess Margarita Katherina Elisabeth of Hohenlohe-Öhringen (former paternal aunt via marriage, Margarita was the 1st wife of Prince Karl-Emich of Leiningen)
  3. Princess Stephanie Margarita of Leiningen (paternal aunt)
  4. Princess Alexandra of Hanover (maternal aunt)
As for "Valerie" and "Elisabeth"...who knows. My guess for Valerie could be Archduchess Valerie of Austria. The Margravine of Baden, who is also one of her cousin's godmothers, I believe...

Princess Olga is distantly in line for the British throne as a greatx4 granddaughter of George III. She is not in line for the two German thrones she decsends from becasue of the laws. She is descended from the German Hanover line on her mother's side and the Princely House of Leiningen on her father's side.

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