Saturday, May 19, 2018

Royal Profile: Henry Lascelles

Henry Ulick Lascelles was born on 19 May 1953 as the son of Hon. Gerald David Lascelles and Angela Estree Lyssod D'Arcy Dowding{Source}. He has a younger brother, a former sister-in-law, a niece and a nephew {Source}:

  1.  Martin David Lascelles (1962)
    1.  Carol Anne Douet (never married,)
      1. Georgina Elizabeth Douet-Lascelles (1988)
  2. Charmaine Christine Eccleston
    1. Alexandre Joshua Lascelles (2002)

He, like many royal relations before and after him, was educated at Eton College{Source}.

He has been married twice. His first marriage was to Alexandra Morton on 25 August 1979, and they were divorced after 20 years together{Source}. He then married Fiona Gregson on 2 June 2006{Source}. With Alexandra, he has one son{Source}:

  • Maximilian John Gerald Lascelles (1991)
Henry is currently 67th in succession for the British throne, and 7th in succession for the Earldom of Harewood {Source}

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