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Royal Wedding: Prince Harry and Ms. Meghan Markle

The specifics
  • The wedding took place on 19 May 2018 at St. George's Chapel in Windsor Castle.
  • The last royal wedding to take place there was his cousin, Peter Philips to Autumn Kelly in 2008. 
  • Previous royal weddings have included:
    •  Anne Abel-Smith and David Liddell-Grainger (1957)
    • Lady Helen Windsor and Timothy Taylor (1992, Lady Helen is the daughter of The Duke and Duchess of Kent)
    • The Earl and Countess of Wessex (1999)
    • The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall's wedding was blessed here by The Archbishop of Canterbury (2005)
    • Mr. Peter Mark Andrew Philips to Miss Autumn Patricia Kelly (2008)
  • Ms. Markle will retain her American citizenship and work on becoming a UK citizen in the next few years.
  • Ms. Markle will become patron of The Royal Foundation of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry (side note: I wonder if Prince Harry gets a Dukedom if they will change the name of the Royal Foundation to The Royal Foundation of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and The Duke and Duchess of Sussex?) upon marriage.
  • Queen Elizabeth II issued her official Instrument of Consent of the marriage on 13 May 2018 {Source}
  • Ms. Markle walked down the aisle partially by herself and once she reached the Quire, she was escorted down the aisle by her father-in-law in the absence of her own father on her big day{Source}

  • Like his brother before him, and his cousin Princess Eugenie after him, upon his marriage, the "of Wales" territorial designation of his title is removed since he was given a dukedom.
  • This morning, Queen Elizabeth II announced that she has given Prince Harry and his wife the following titles{Source}:
    • His Royal Highness Prince Henry Charles Albert David, The Duke of Sussex, The Earl of Dumbarton, Baron Kilkeel
    • Her Royal Highness Meghan, The Duchess of Sussex, The Countess of Dumbarton, Baroness Kilkeel
  • The couple will be formally known as The Duke and Duchess of Sussex
  • Because Prince Harry was given a dukedom, referring to his wife as Princess anything is incorrect-she was not given the title Princess. Period.

Best man/supporters:
  • Prince William, The Duke of Cambridge
Maid of Honour:
  • Ms. Markle has chosen not to have a maid-of-honor
Bridesmaids and Pageboys {Source}:
  1. Miss Rylan Litt, age 7 (goddaughter of Ms. Markle)
  2. Master Brian Mulroney, age 7 (son of Ms. Markle's best friend, Jessica, older brother of Ivy)
  3. Master John Mulroney, age 7 (son of Ms. Markle's best friend, Jessica, older brother of Ivy)
  4. Miss Remi Litt, age 6 (goddaughter of Ms. Markle)
  5. Master Jasper Dyer, age 6 (godson of Prince Harry)
  6. Prince George of Cambridge, age 4 (Will be five in July, nephew of the groom)
  7. Miss Ivy Mulroney, age 4 (daughter of Ms. Markle's best friend, Jessica)
  8. Princess Charlotte of Cambridge, age 3 (just turned 3, niece of the groom)
  9. Miss Florence van Cutsem, age 3 (note: Florence is the first cousin of Grace van Cutsem, who was in the wedding of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge at the same age, Florence is a godchild of Prince Harry)
  10. Miss Zalie Warren, age 2 (goddaughter of Prince Harry)

  • The Lady C. Jane Felloewes, Baroness Felleows, aunt of the groom, read from the Song of Solomon


Royal Family:
  1. The Prince of Wales 
  2. The Duchess of Cornwall
  3. Catherine, The Duchess of Cambridge
  4. Queen Elizabeth II
  5. The Duke of Edinburgh
  6. The Princess Anne, The Princess Royal
  7. Vice Admrial Sir Timothy Laurence
  8. Mr. Peter Philips
  9. Mrs. Autumn Philips
  10. Mrs. Zara Philips Tindall
  11. Mr. Mike Tindall
  12. The Duke of York**
  13. Sarah, Duchess of York
  14. Princess Beatrice of York
  15. Princess Eugenie of York
  16. Mr. Jack Brooksbank
  17. The Earl of Wessex
  18. The Countess of Wessex
  19. The Lady Louise Mountbatten-Windsor
  20. James, Viscount Sevrren
  21. David, The 2nd Earl Snowdon
  22. Serena, The Countess Snowdon
  23. Lady Margarita Armstrong-Jones
  24. Charles, Viscount Linely
  25. Lady Sarah Chatto **
  26. Daniel Chatto
  27. Samuel Chatto
  28. Arthur Chatto
  29. The Duke of Gloucester 
  30. The Duchess of Gloucester
  31. The Earl of Ulster
  32. The Countess of Ulster
  33. Lady Davina Lewis
  34. Mr. Gary Lewis
  35. Lady Rose Gilman
  36. Mr. George Gilman
  37. The Duke of Kent
  38. The Duchess of Kent
  39. The Earl of St. Andrews
  40. The Countess of St Andrews
  41. Lady Helen Taylor
  42. Mr. Timothy Taylor
  43. Lord Nicholas Windsor
  44. Lady Nicholas Windsor 
  45. Princess Alexandra of Kent, The Hon. Lady Ogilvy
  46. James Ogilvy
  47. Julia Ogilvy
  48. Flora Ogilvy
  49. Alexander Ogilvy
  50. Marina Ogilvy
  51. Christian Mowatt
  52. Zenouska Mowatt
  53. Prince Michael of Kent
  54. Princess Michael of Kent
  55. Lord Frederick Windsor
  56. Lady Fredrick Windsor (coincidentally, Sophie is also an American actress)
  57. Lady Gabriella Windsor
Spencer family:

  1. Charles Spencer, 9th Earl Spencer
  2. Karen, The Countess Spencer
  3. Ms. Victoria Aitken, previously The Countess of Spencer
  4. Lady Kitty Eleanor Spencer
  5. Lady Eliza Victoria Spencer
  6. Lady Katya Amelia Spencer
  7. Louis Frederick John Spencer, Viscount Althorp
  8. The Hon. Edmund Charles Spencer
  9. Lady Lara Caroline Spencer
  10. Lady Charlotte Diana Spencer
  11. Lady Elizabeth Sarah Lavinia McCorquodale
  12. Mr. Neil Edmund McCorquodale
  13. Mrs. Emily Jane McCorquodale Hutt 
  14. Mr. James T. R. Hutt
  15. Miss Isabella Rosemary Hutt
  16. Master Henry George Thomas Hutt
  17. Mr. George Edmund McCorquodale
  18. Mrs. Bianca Moore McCorquodale
  19. Miss Celia Rose McCorquodale
  20. Mr. George Woodhouse
  21. Cynthia Jane Fellowes, Baroness Fellowes***
  22. Robert Fellowes, Baron Fellowes
  23. The Honourable Laura Jane Fellowes Pettman
  24. Mr. Nick Pettman
  25. The Honourable Alexander Robert Fellowes
  26. Mrs. Alexandra Finlay Fellowes
  27. The Honourable Eleanor Ruth Fellowes
  28. Patrick Maurice Burke Roche, 6th Baron Fermoy
  29. Miss Tessa Fiona Kayll
  30. The Hon. Arabella Elizabeth Burke Roche
  31. The Hon. Eliza Lavinia Burke Roche
  32. The Hon. Frances Caroline Burke Roche
  33. The Hon. Peter Stanley
  34. Master Richard Hugh Edward Stanley
  35. Miss Portia Ruth Isobel Stanley
  36. Master Algernon Edmond Stanley
  37. Hon. Edmund Hugh Burke Roche
  38. Mrs. Phillipa Long-Roche
  39.  Miss Rosie Jeanne Roche
  40. Master Archie Edmund Roche
  41. Miss Agatha Frances Roche

Members of the family of The Duchess of Cornwall

  1. Mr. Tom Parker Bowels
  2. Mrs. Sara Buys Parker Bowels
  3. Miss Lola Parker Bowels (2007)
  4. Master Freddy Parker Bowels (2010)
  5. Mrs. Laura Parker Bowels Lopes
  6. Mr. Harry Lopes
  7. Miss Eliza Lopes (2008)
  8. Master Gus Lopes (2009)
  9. Master Louis Lopes (2009)

Her family:
  1. Doria Ragland
  2. Thomas W. Markle* 
Friends of the couple
  1. Mrs. Carolyn Bartholomew**
  2. Mr. William Bartholomew
  3. Mr. Bryan Organ**
  4. Celia, Lady Vestey**
  5. Samuel Vestey, 3rd Baron Vestey
  6. Mr. Markus Anderson (he reportedly introduced the couple)
  7. Mr. Tom Inskip
  8. Mrs. Jessica Mulruney
  9. Mr. Benedict Mulroney
  10. Miss Abigail Spencer
  11. Ms. Sarah Rafferty
  12. Mrs. Benita Litt
  13. Miss Heather Dorak
  14. Miss Lindsay Jill Roth
  15. Mrs. Misha Nonoo Glikes
  16. Mr. Alexander Glikes
  17. Miss Priyanka Chopra
  18. Mrs. Serena Williams Ohanian
  19. Mr. Alexis Kerry Ohanian
  20. Miss Olivia Palermo
  21. Edward Bernard Charles van Cutsem
  22. Lady Tamara Katherine Grosvenor van Cutsem
  23. Mrs. Emilie van Cutsem
  24. Mr. Hugh Ralph van Cutsem
  25. Mrs. Rose Nancy Langhorne van Cutsem
  26. Miss Grace Emilie Clare van Cutsem (2007)
  27. Master Rafe Michael Waldorf van Cutsem (2009)
  28. Master Charles Hugh Valentine van Cutsem (2012)
  29. Mr. William Henry van Cutsem
  30. Mrs. Rosanna Ruck-Keene van Cutsem
  31. Mrs. Alice van Cutsem
  32. Capt. Nicholas van Cutsem
  33. Mrs. Benita Litt
  34. Mr. Darren Litt
  35. Mrs. Zoe Warren
  36. Mr. Jake Warren
  37. Mrs. Amanda Dyer
  38. Mr. Mark Dyer
  39. Hugh Richard Louis Grosvenor, 7th Duke of Westminster
  40. Miss Harriet Tomlinson
  41. Natalia Ayesha Grosvenor, Duchess of Westminster
  42. Lady Edwina Louise Grosvenor Snow
  43. Mr. Daniel Robert Snow
  44. Lady Viola Georgina Grosvenor
  45. Mr. Gabriel Macht
  46. Mrs. Jacinda Barrett
  47. Mr. Patrick J. Adams
  48. Mrs. Troian Avery Bellisario
  49. Mr. Rick Hoffman
  50. Mrs. Sarah Rafferty
  51. Mr. Aleksanteri Olli-Pekka Seppälä
  52. Mrs. Gina Torres
  53. Mr. Dulé Hill
  54. Mrs. Jazmyn Simon
  55. Mrs. Amanda Schull
  56. Mr. Philip Gillespie
  57. Miss Catherine Cooke
  58. Miss Julie-Ann Coll
  59. Mr. Rashid Bhayat
  60. Miss Tessa Hince
  61. Miss Hayley Ash
  62. Mr. Jorja Furze
  63. Mr. Reuben Litherland
  64. Mrs. Kai Fletcher
  65. Mr. Grant White
  66. Mrs. Laurelle Henry
  67. Mrs. Pamela Anomneze
  68. Mr. David Gregory
  69. Mr. Saeed Atcha
  70. Miss Amy Wright
  71. Miss Zoe Arundell
  72. Sir Elton John*
  73. Mr. David James Furnish
  74. Mr. David Beckham
  75. Mrs. Victoria Beckham
  76. Ms. Oprah Winfrey
  77. Mr. George Clooney
  78. Mrs. Amal Clooney
  79. Mr. Michael Middleton
  80. Mrs. Carole Middleton
  81. Mr. James Middleton
  82. Mrs. Pippa Middleton-Matthews
  83. Mr. James Matthews
  84. Miss Idris Ebla
  85. Mr. Sabrina Dhowre
  86. Miss Priyanka Chopra
  87. Miss Abigail Spencer
  88. Mr. David Henson, MBE
  89. Mrs. Hayley Henson
  90. Former Prime Minister John Major
  91. Mrs. Norma Major
  92. Ms. Jacinda Barrett
  93. Mr. Gabriel Macht
  94. Miss Julia Carey
  95. Mr. James Corden
  96. Mrs. Caroline Greenwood
  97. Mr. Will Greenwood
  98. Sir Clive Woodward
  99. Mrs. Jayne Williams
  100. Mr. James Blunt
  101. Miss Sofia Wellesly
  102. Miss Chelsy Davy
  103. Miss Cressida Bonas
  104. Miss Delfina Blaquer
  105. Mr. Nacho Figueras
  106. Mr. Miguel Head-private secretary to The Duke of Cambridge
  107. Ms. Rebecca Decan-former private secretary to The Duchess of Cambridge
  108. Sir Keith Mills
  109. Mrs. Maureen Mills
  110. Mr. James Haskel
  111. Miss Chloe Madeley
  112. Miss Joss Stone
  113. Mr. Jonny Wilkinson
  114. Mrs. Shelley Wilkinson
* chose not to attend his daughter's wedding at the last moment, due to a paparazzi scandal and allegedly having a heart attack the week before the ceremony. Instead, she  walked part of the way unescorted, and once she reached the Quile she was escorted down the asile by her father-in-law, The Prince of Wales{Source}
** indicates a godparent of Prince Harry, who may have some role in the ceremony
***indicates such person is doing some sort of reading or performance at the ceremony
&^* if I missed someone on this list, please comment! As I find them, I'm going to list them, so check back for updates

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