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Royal Profile: Princess Haya bint Al Hussein, Princess of Jordan, Sheikha of Dubai

Princess Haya bint Al Hussein, Princess of Jordan, Sheikha of Dubai was born 3 May 1974 as the daughter of King Hussein & his 3rd wife, Queen Alia {Source}. She has many half-siblings, silings, siblings-in-law, and nieces and nephews:
  1. Princess Alia bint Al Hussein of Jordan (1956, half sister)
    1. Nasser Wasfi Mirza (m. 1977-1988, div)
      1. Prince Hussein Mirza (1981)
    2. Sayyid Mohammed Al-Saleh (m. 1988)
      1. Talal Al-Saleh (1989)
      2. Abdul Hamid Al-Saleh (1992)
  2. King Abdullah II of Jordan (1962, half brother)
    1. Queen Rania of Jordan (m. 1993)
      1. Crown Prince Hussein (1994)
      2. Princess Iman (1996)
      3. Princess Salma (2000)
      4. Prince Hashem (2005)
  3. Prince Faisal bin Al-Hussein of Jordan (1963, half brother)
    1. Princess Alia Tabbaa of Jordan (m. 1989-2008)
      1. Princess Ayah bint al-Faisal of Jordan (1990)
        1. Mr. Mohammad Talal Halawani (m. 2014)
          1. Miss Raiyah Halawani (2016)
      2. Prince Omar bint al-Faisal of Jordan (1993)
      3. Princess Sara bint al-Faisal of Jordan (1997)
      4. Princess Aisha bint al-Faisal of Jordan (1997)
    2. Princess Sara of Jordan (m 2010-2013)
    3. Princess Zeina of Jordan (m. 2015)
      1. Prince Abdullah bin Faisal (2016)
      2. Prince Muhammad bin Faisal (2017)
  4. Princess Aisha bint Hussein of Jordan (1968, half sister)
    1. Mr. Zeid Juma (divorced)
      1. Master Aoun Juma
      2. Miss Muna Juma
  5. Princess Zein bint Hussein (1968, twin of above)
    1. Mr. Majdi Al-Saleh
      1. Master Jaafar Al-Saleh
      2. Miss Jumana Al Saleh
      3. Miss Tahani Al Shawan al Saleh (Adopted)
  6. Prince Hamzah bin al Hussein of Jordan (1980)
    1. Princess Noor bint Asem of Jordan (d. 2009)
      1. Princess Haya bint al Hamzah of Jordan (2007)
    2. Princess Basmah Bani Ahmad bint al Hamzah (m. 2012)
      1. Princess Zein bint Hamzah (2012)
      2. Princess Noor bint Hamzah (2014)
      3. Princess Badiya bint Al-Hamzah of Jordan (2016)
  7. Prince Hashim bin Al-Hussein of Jordan (1981)
    1. Princess Fahdah (m. 2006)
      1. Princess Haalah bint Al Hashim (2007)
      2. Princess Rayet bint Al Hashim (2008)
      3. Princess Fatima Al-Alia bint Al Hashim (2011)
      4. Prince Hussein Haidara bin Hashim (2015)
  8. Princess Iman bint al-Hussein of Jordan (1983)
    1. Zaid Azimi Mirza (m. 2013)
      1. Omar Mirza (2013)
  9. Princess Raiyah bint Hussein (1986)
She was primarily educated in England, where she attended Badminton School for Girls,Bryanston School, St. Hilda's College, Oxford. She holds a BA honours in Philosophy, politics & economics{Source}.
On 10 April 2004, Princess Haya wed His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the ruler of Dubai{Source}. Together, they have two children{Source}:
Sheikha Al Jaliala bint Mohammed Bin Rashild Al Maktoum (2007)
Sheikh Zayed bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktom (2012)
The Princess is an active Equestrian and humanitarian. In 2002, she participated in the FEI World Equestrian Games in Spain{Source}. She also competed in the 2000 Sydney Olympics{Source}. She also participated in the 1992 Pan Arab Games in Syria {Source}. In 2006, she was elected President of the FEI for a 4-year term {Source}, she made history getting elected a second time in 2010 {Source}. She is also patron of the Retraining of Racehorses{Source}. She is also president of the International Jordanian Athletes Cultural Association {Source}. She founded Tikyet Um Ali, chair's Dubai's International Humanitarian City {Source} Princess Haya was an ambassador for the World Food Programme 2005-2007,{Source} and then appointed a UN Messenger of Peace in July 2007 by Secretary-General Ban-Ky Moon{Source}. She was a founding member of former Secretary-General Kofi Annan's Global Humanitarian Forum based in Geneva, and writes editorials and articles on hunger, nutrition and the UN Millennium Development Goals{Source} and serves on the boards of many non-profit organizations. In August 2012, she supported the 2012 United Nations' World Humanitarian Day in Dubai{Source}

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