Thursday, June 28, 2018

Royal Profile: Crown Prince Hussein bin Abdullah of Jordan

Crown Prince Hussein bin Abdullah of Jordan was born 28 June 1994 as the eldest son of King Abdullah II of Jordan and Queen Rania. He has two younger sisters and a younger brother {Source}:
  • Princess Iman (1996)
  • Princess Salma (2000)
  • Prince Hashem (2005)
In 2007, he was enrolled at the King's Academy, completing his secondary studies in 2012. He is presently studying political science at Georgetown University's School of Foreign Service{Source}. In 2016, he graduated from Georgetown University with a bachelor's degree in International History{Source}. After graduation, he began attending The Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst {Source}
The young Crown Prince also holds the rank of first lieutenant in the Jordanian Armed Forces{Source}. Over the last few years, he has accompanied his father on several military missions.
During his childhood years, he spent most of his time doing just that-being a kid. As he grew older, he began to make appearances on his father's behalf. His first official engagement took place in June 2010, when he stood a representative for his father during the celebrations of the anniversary of the Arab Revolt and the Armed Forces Day. Since then, he has served a regent during his father's absence in Jordan, and was sworn in officially to take on the role on 21 April 2012{Source}.
In his free time, the Crown Prince enjoys reading, sports (especially football), and he shares his father and grandfather's passion for motorcycles{Source}.

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