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Royal Profile: Prince Nicolas of Sweden, The Duke of Angermanland

Prince Nicolas Paul Gustaf of Sweden, The Duke of Angermanland was born 15 June 2015 as the second child and eldest son of Princess Madeleine of Sweden & Christopher Paul O'Neill {Source}. He has two sisters{Source}:
At his birth, he was fifth in succession for the Swedish throne after his big sister, however, with the births of his cousins Prince Oscar and Prince Alexander in 2016 and Prince Gabriel in 2017, he is currently 78th in succession {Source}.
On 11 October 2015, he was christened with the following as his godparents{Source}:
  • Prince Carl Philip, The Duke of Värmland (maternal uncle)
  • Countess Natascha Abensperg und Traun (paternal half-aunt)
  • Henry d'Abo (patenral half-uncle by marriage)
  • Gustaf Magnuson (maternal cousin 1x removed)
  • Katarina von Horn (friend of his mother's)
  • Marco Wajselfisz (friend of his father's)
As a great-great-great-great-great grandson of Queen Victoria, he is also distantly in line for the British throne {Source}. He is related to nearly every current reigning monarch:

  • Denmark: Her father is 1st cousins with Queen Margrethe II, making her and her siblings 1st cousins once removed
  • The Netherlands: Her father is Princess Beatrix's 3rd cousin, making her a 3rd cousin once removed from Princess Madeline. Same with the Luxembourg Grand Ducal family
  • Liechtenstein: Her father is Prince Hans Adam II's 6th cousin, making her a 6th cousin once removed.
  • Monaco: Her father is a 7th cousin of Prince Albert II, making her a 7th cousin once removed.
  • United Kingdom: Her father is a 3rd cousin of Queen Elizabeth, making Madeline a third cousin once removed of the Queen. This is on both Queen Victoria and Prince Albert's sides of Queen Elizabeth's family.
  • Greece : Queen Anne-Marie is her first cousin 1x removed
  • Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg: Princess Benedikte is her first cousin 1x removed
    Although only a toddler, he has already done his fair share of royal duties. In May 2016, he attended his cousin, Prince Oscar's christening with his mother, sister and father {Photos}. That September, he attended his other cousin, Prince Alexander's christening {Photos}. In 2018, he was present at his little sister's christening.
    He resides in London with his parents and sister. In order to continue to remain in succession, he must:
    • Be commune with the Church of Sweden (Lutheran)
    • Reside in Sweden at some point during her upbringing (his parents currently satisfy this requirement by residing in Sweden during the summer months. I suspect once the kids become school aged, they may return to Stockholm)
    • Not marry without the consent of the Government (Article 5) or ascend the throne of another state by election, inheritance or marriage without the consent of the monarch and the Riksdag.
    His name comes from:
    • Nicolas: Likely a name his parents liked.
    • Paul: For his paternal grandfather, Paul O'Neill, who died in 2004
    • Gustaf: For his maternal grandfather, King Carl XVI Gustaf and his godfather, Gustaf Magnuson.

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