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Royal Profile: Hereditary Prince Alois Philip Maria of Liechtenstein

Hereditary Prince Alois Philip Maria of Liechtenstein was born in Zurich on 11 June 1968 as the eldest son of Prince Hans-Adam II and Princess Marie of Liechtenstein{Source}. He has the following siblings, siblings-in-law and nieces and nephews:
  1. Prince Maximilian Nikolaus Maria (1969)
    1. Princess Angela (1958)
      1. Prince Alfons Constantin Maria (2001)
  2. Prince Constantin Ferdinand Maria (1972)
    1. Princess Maria (1975)
      1. Prince Moritz Emanuel Maria (2003)
      2. Princess Georgina Maximiliana Tatiana Maria (2005)
      3. Prince Benedikt Ferdinand Hubertus Maria (2008)
  3. Princess Tatjana Nora Maria (1973)
    1. Baron Matthias Claus-Just Carl Philipp von Lattorff
      1. Lukas Maria von Lattorff (2000)
      2. Elisabeth von Lattorff (2002)
      3. Marie von Lattorff (2004)
      4. Camilla Katharina Maria von Lattorff ( 2005)
      5. Anna Pia Theresia Maria von Lattorff (2007)
      6. Sophia Katharina Maria von Lattorff (2009)
      7. Maximilian von Lattorf (2011)
He was named for his great-grandfather, Alois I of Liechtenstein {Source}.

During his youth, he resided at Vaduz Castle and attended local schools {Source}. He attended primary school in Vaduz-Ebenholz{Source}, and entered the Liechtenstein Gymnasium (high school) in 1979{Source}. He graduated in the spring of 1987 (high school diploma type B, with an emphasis on literature and history){Source}. Upon graduation, the future sovereign prince entered the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst, Great Britain, where he completed his officer's training{Source}, where he was commissioned as a second lieutenant{Source}. His first assignment as a second lieutenant, he served for six months in the Coldstream Guards in Hong Kong and London{Source}. After serving in the military, he returned to Liechtenstein to attend Salz­burg University, earning a master's degree in the spring of 1993 {Source}.

He has worked in London and Liechtenstien {Source}. After getting his master's degree, he moved to London to work for a firm of charter accountants until 1996 {Source}. After that, he returned to Liechtenstein to work with the family's affairs {Source}.

On 15 August 2004 under Art. 13bis of the Constitution of the Principality of Liechtenstein Prince Hans-Adam II appointed Hereditary Prince Alois his permanent representative for exercising the sovereign powers due to him, in preparation for his succession to the throne {Source} . Since 15 August 2004 the Hereditary Prince has thus been performing both nationally and internationally the duties of Head of State of the Principality of Liechtenstein {Source}.

On 3 July 1993, HSH Hereditary Prince Alois was married to HSH Duchess Sophie in Bavaria {Source} . They have four children:
  • Prince Joseph Wenzel (1995)
  • Princess Marie Caroline (1996)
  • Prince Georg (1999)
  • Prince Nikolaus (2000)

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