Friday, June 1, 2018

Royal Profile: Paul-Louis Janssens

Paul-Louis Janssens was born 1 June 2009 as the third child of Marie-Elisabeth Zellinger de Balkany Jassens and Oliver Janssens {Source}. He has two older siblings and a younger brother{Source}:

  1. Gabriella Luise Maria Janssens (2004)
  2. Tommaso Janssens (2005)
  3. Paul-Louis Janssens ( 2009)
  4. Victor Janssens (2014)
Through his mother, he is a grandson of Robert Zellinger de Balkany and Princess Maria Gabriella of Savoy{Source}. Through his maternal grandmother, he is a great grandson of Umberto II of Italy.

Due to his royal lineage being from the female line, he is not in succesion for the defunct royal throne and likely leads a normal life.

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