Friday, November 18, 2011

Op-Ed: Royal Weddings and Pregnancies

Okay, I have kept silent long enough. Since September on this, and frankly I have had enough. Time to drop my two cents into the pot on the issue.
As many of us die-hard Royal watchers are well aware, there were numerous Royal Weddings this year (two in Great Britain, one in Monaco,  two in Germany, one in Italy, one in Indonesia, and one in Bhutan), which likely means that the next step is “Baby in the baby carriage”, right?
Yes, and no.

  1. Matilde Borromeo (now Princess Matilde von Furstenburg) reportedly had a baby in September. (Italy)
  2. Princess Nathalie had her son shortly after to the civil ceremony to Alexander in 2010. His name is Konstantin, and he was born in July 2010. (Germany)
In recent reports, for both of the MAJOR royal weddings this year-Prince William’s to Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Albert’s to former South African swimmer Princess Charlene, it has been rumored that both women are presently pregnant.
Not in my opinion, they are not- either of them. Here’s my reasons why:

  1. People want a Royal Baby. After all, it is what is expected of royals-to get married and have children, continuing the monarchy.
  2. Think about it:
    1. William is VERY busy with his RAF career right now, and if she IS pregnant, he would be leaving her for training in the middle of the pregnancy. Now go find a first-time dad who would leave his wife in that position. Go on. Go. Oh, right-you cannot find one!!
    2. Albert has two children already- 19 year old American Jazmin Grace Grimaldi with Tamara Rotolo and 8 year old French-  Togolese  Alexandre Éric Stéphane Coste  with Nicole Coste, neither of which he has been there for as a father, thus he feels guilty and that he failed them, and he’d rather not fail another woman and child at his advancing age. 
    3. It took Crown Princess Victoria a whole YEAR AND A HALF to get pregnant after her 2010 wedding to Prince Daniel. Prince Edward’s wife-and aunt to Prince William-Sophie, Countess of Wessex took 4.5 YEARS to have Lady Louise. It’s FAR too soon for Prince Albert & Princess Charlene or The Duke & Duchess of Cambridge to even be THINKING baby yet this day and age, let alone to actually be pregnant. And like I said in point 2.2- one’s feeling guilty enough about his past, and the other is too busy.
  3. Both women are thin as toothpicks right now, thinner than I’ve EVER seen them…it’s kinda scary how thin they both are actually.

Bottom line in this Royal Reporter's opinion:

There is no Royal Baby from either Great Britain or Monaco, and there won't be anytime soon, so STOP SPECULATING!! It’s a major waste of your time and embarrassment to the various monarchies! How would you feel if someone went around speculating whether or not you and/or your significant other was pregnant, ALL THE TIME? You’d hate it too, I know I would.

So, quit being impatient about a Royal Baby-there'll be plenty of excitement with Princess Marie's baby in January/February, and Crown Princess Victoria's baby in March, and likely others throughout the year. Shut up and wait for the actual official announcement from the royals themselves.

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