Friday, November 11, 2011

Paralles Between the Two MAJOR British Royal Wedding: Diana & Charles vs. William & Catherine

I was looking at photos from Diana and Charles' 1981 wedding and noticed many common threads between their wedding and their oldest son's wedding. I thought it was irronic, so I thought I'd share it with you. Take a look:

Diana & Charles:

Best Men: Prince Andrew & Prince Edward, brothers of the Groom

  • Edward van Cutsem , godson of The Prince of Wales
  •  Lord Nicholas Windsor, godson of The Prince of Wales

Maid-of-Honor:Lady Sarah Armstrong-Jones (age 17, First cousin of the groom)

  • India Hicks (age 13, second cousin of the groom-her mother is cousins with the Prince of Wales)
  • Catherine Cameron (age 8, goddaughter of The Prince of Wales)
  • Sarah-Jane Gaselee (age 11, commoner friend of the Prince & Princess of Wales)
  • Clementine Hambro (age 5, great granddaughter of Winston Churchhill)

Parents of The Groom:

  • HM Queen Elizabeth II
  • HRH Prince Phillip, Duke of Endinburgh

Parents of The Bride:
  • Edward John Spencer, 8th Earl Spencer
  • Raine Spencer, Countess Spencer (stepmother)
  • The Honourable Frances Ruth Roche, Viscountess Althorp
  • Peter Shand Kydd (stepfather)
William & Catherine

Best Man: Prince Harry, Brother of the Groom
Page Boys:
  • William Lowther-Pinkerton (age 10, godson of Prince William of Wales)
  • Tom Pettifer (age 8, godson of Prince William of Wales)
Maid-of-Honor: Pippa Middleton, Sister of the Groom

  • Lady Louise Windsor, (age 8, First Cousin of the Groom)
  • The Hon. Margarita Armstrong-Jones (age 9, Second Cousin of the Groom )
  • Grace van Cutsem(age 4, goddaughter of Prince William of Wales)
  • Eliza Lopes (Age 3, second stepcousin to Prince William-she's The Duchess of Cornwall's granddaughter)

Parents of The Groom:
  • Prince Charles of Wales
  • Diana, Princess of Wales (present in spirit. ;))
  • Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall (stepmother)
Parents of The Bride:
  • Carole Middleton
  • Michael Middleton
Now, in case you missed it with all the bold, italics, etc that I did, here's the list:
  1. Both William and Charles used their brothers as Best Man/supporter.
  2. Both William and Charles used two of their godsons as pageboys
  3. Both weddings had at least one Van Cutsem in the wedding party (Edward in 1981, Grace in 2011)
  4. Both weddings consisted of at least one stepparent (Camilla, Raine & Peter)
  5. Both weddings had a first cousin, second cousin, godchild of The Prince and person related to a British Great in the party
  6. Both bridal parties consisted of children.
  7. Both weddings were considered THE Royal Wedding of the Centrury (I beg to differ but that's just me. ;))

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