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Royal Profile: Louis Robert Paul Ducruet

Louis Robert Paul Ducruet is the oldest-and only-son of Princess Stephanie of Monaco with Daniel Ducruet. He is the nephew of Prince Albert Alexandre Louis Pierre of Monaco, the present reigning prince of Monaco, thus Mr. Ducruet is 7th in line for the throne. At his birth, he was technically 9th in line for the throne (since this was prior to the succession law change of 2002, his illegitimate cousin Jazmin was in line after her father, technically, and his uncle had not yet ascended the throne).

He was born in Monaco's Le Centre Hospitalier Princesse Grace, in the same room as his older Casiraghi cousins in fact, on 26 November 1992, just a mere 8 months and 22 days after his maternal cousin Jazmin Grace Grimaldi, who is the illegitimate daughter of his uncle, Prince Albert. Today, his is 7th in line for the Monégasque Throne, after his aunt Caroline, cousins Andrea, Pierre, Charlotte and Alexandra and his mother.

He attended local a local Monaco Maternelle division school, and eventually a École élémentaire in Monaco-until Mama decided to pick up her family of four to travel with the circus! While traveling with the circus, little Loulou was taught briefly by his mother, and was briefly enrolled in Le Lycée Français de Zurich before picking up to head out with the circus again. With grand-père’s ill health a major factor in her decision, Louis's mama made the decision to return to the tiny principality in either late 2003 or early 2004, when Louis should have been in the first year at Collège Charles III (Sixième). Louis finished his formal education in Monaco's public school system, earning the French Bac from Lycée Prince Albert Ier, with a grade of admis in 2010. Louis now attends SKEMA Business School in Sophia Annapolis, France where he is presently in his second year. He is presently part of SKEMA’s general bachelor’s undergraduate program, but some have said that he intends to continue his education to study sports management.

Louis, along with little sister Pauline (and most of the rest of the Grimaldis), is a major fan of Monaco’s home football team, AS Monaco FC. Louis is also a fan of AS Roma, ETG FC, and Real Madrid FC. When Louis was a youngster, Prince Albert joked that they may have to change the name of the Monégasque stadium to Stade Louis III from Stade Louis II, in his honor.

Like most kids his age, Louis is active in school programs and on social networking sites. He has over 900 friends on Facebook, including his two little sisters, older half-brother, Mika, cousin Jazmin, ex-stepfather Adans Peres, among others. He is a music lover and is a fan of his mom’s old friend, Michael Jackson, among other French artists. He likes action films, hip-hop music, and martial arts. His favorite TV shows include South Park and Greys Anatomy. He is also active on the university community, as he serves as president to SKEMA’s student social group, Suberman, which is in charge of organizing parties on campus and the general satisfaction of the student body.
Due to being so far down in the line for the throne, his parents wanting a “normal” life for their children, and his university studies taking prevalence over royal duties, Louis is rarely seen performing duties on behalf of his uncle. Louis does attend the circus festival every year-often on the days that the cameras are not there, according to his mother. Louis attended his uncle’s 2005 Enthronement ceremony, and July 2011 wedding to his new aunt, Princess Charlene, appearing on the balcony after the civil service, arriving with his mother, sisters, aunt and younger cousin at the religious service, and attending the JM Jarre concert after the civil service, and the Eagles Concert prior to the festivities.

Louis speaks fluent French, English and Italian, and according to his Facebook at one point, he even claimed to know some Japanese!

Happy 19th Birthday, Louis!

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