Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Op-Ed: Prince Harry's Life Lesson

Okay. It’s out there now. And if you've been a regular reader, you know I have something to say about it!

As 90% of us are aware now, the press has caught Prince Henry Charles Albert David of Wales in Las Vegas out by a pool in his birthday suit.

So, we all thought “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” right?

Not when you are an international celebrity!  Especially a high profile royal like the British Royal Family.
There are two sides of me wanting to respond to this.

First there’s the royal fan-girl in me. Most of us know what that’s like, no? ;-) I say nothing more.
Then there is the PR girl in me that bring out the logic in the situation.
 As a member of the British Royal Family, no matter where or what they may be doing, all members of the family represent the United Kingdom as a whole. I cannot imagine that the British people are too thrilled with his actions as he represents them.

Sure, he’s being a typical 20-something boy. And proving to me once again to me that 20-something boys are too immature for me-even in their late 20s!

But still, having been royal for his entire life, he should’ve known it was highly likely that the press would be lurking somewhere, just waiting for him to do something crazy for it to go viral. IF I were him, I'd be careful not to stir up controversies that could potentially effect my family like this.

It has been reported that Prince Harry is on his way/back in the UK to face the consequences of his actions. I imagine it will be a similar conversation that Queen Clariesse had with her granddaughter Princess Mia in the 1st Princess Diaries film after the Beach party incident. Only Dad Prince Charles will likely also be there.
Somehow, I think Her Majesty will find a little humor in it. As for Prince Charles, I don’t think so.

Bottom line: Harry should've known better, but he thought he could go to the US, be a typical 20-something boy and get away with it....not so much, Harry!

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