Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Recap of the Royals You Love: August 20-26


-Prince Gabriel celebrated his 9th birthday on Monday.

-Princess Maria-Laura, Archduchess of Austria-Este celebrated her 24th birthday on Sunday.


-Crown Prince Frederik  participated in Odense University Hospital's (OUH)"... 100th anniversary arrangement..."  on Tuesday {Photos}. On Friday, he was in Sweden to participate in the 2012 Nordic Championship Masters in Dragon sailing {Photos}. On Saturday, he  participate in the 2012 Nordic Championship Masters in Dragon sailing event {Photos}

-Crown Princess Mary inaugurated a new campus of the Sjælland University College in Roskilde on Thursday {Photos}. On Friday, she visited Designmuseum Danmark to preside over the St. Loye Prize and Medals {Photos}.

-Prince Christian attended the 2012 Nordic Championship Masters in Dragon sailing in Sweden on Saturday to cheer his father on {Photos}.

-Prince Joachim attended the opening of the conference entitled, Grow Aboard in Copenhagen on Monday {Source}

-Princess Marie attended 2012 Copenhagen Cooking event on Friday {Source}

Great Britain

-Prince Phillip, The Duke of Endinburgh was released from the hospital on Monday {Source}.

-Prince Harry of Wales was spotted vacation in Las Vegas on Monday...the lesson here, not everything that happens in Vegas stays in Vegas...NSFW and for Mature audiences only, btw! {Source}


-Prince Nikolaos & Princess Tatiana celebrated their 2nd wedding anniversary on Saturday.

-Noor al-Hussein, Queen Dowager of Jordan celebrated her 61st birthday on Thursday.


-Countess Alix de Lannoy, mother of the future Luxembourg Hereditary Grand Duchess, passed away due to a stroke on Sunday {Source}


-Prince Albert attended the funeral of Patrick Ricard on  French island île des Embiez on Thursday {Source}.

-Prince Albert & Princess Charlene were spotted vacationing in Lac de Paladru, France on Monday {Source}.

-K. Sebestian Knecht de Massy celebrated his 40th birthday on Friday.

-Alexandre Eric Stephane Coste celebrated his 9th birthday on Friday.


-King Mohammed VI celebrated his 49th birthday on Tuesday.

The Netherlands

-Queen Beatrix, Prince Constantijn & Princess Laurentien attended a concert in Amsterdam entitled, LIFE: A Journey Through Time on Saturday {Photos}.
-Queen Beatrix attended the European Youth Orchestra (EYO) concert on Monday {Photos}. On Friday, she attended the closing of the 6th European Academy of Forensic Science Conference (EAFS2012) held at the Haagse Hogeschool {Photos}


-King Harald & Queen Sonja attended the première of the film Kon-Tiki at the Opera House  on Thursday {Photos}.

-Crown Prince Haakon & Crown Princess Mette-Marit  celebrated their 9th wedding anniversary on Saturday {Video}.


-King Juan Carlos I visited the Centro de Emergencias 112 de la Comunidad de Madrid in Pozuelo de Alarcón on Thursday {Photos}


-Crown Princess Victoria & Prince Daniel visited the island of Djurgården in Stockholm on Thursday {Source}.

-Prince Carl Philip visited Hagfors where he toured the "... world leading manufacturer of tool steel..." on Monday {Source}  

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