Sunday, September 9, 2012

Royal Profile: Archduke Imre of Austria & Kathleen Elizabeth Walker

Wedding Date: 8 September 2012

Archduke Imre of Austria
Full Name, Title and Style: His Imperial & Royal Highness Archduke Imre Emanuel Simeon Jean Carl Marcus d'Aviano of Austria
Parents: Archduke Carl Christian of Austria & Princess Marie-Astrid of Luxembourg
Date of Birth: 8 December 1985, in Genève, Switzerland
  1. Archduchess Marie-Christine (1983, married, one child)
    1. Count Léopold de Limburg-Stirum (2011)
  2. Archduke Christoph (1988) 
  3. Archduke Alexander (1990)
  4. Archduchess Gabriella (1994)

Kathleen Elizabeth Walker

Full Name:
Kathleen Elizabeth Walker

Official Title upon Marriage:
Her Imperial & Royal Highness Archduchess Kathleen Elizabeth of Austria

 Cincinati, Ohio, USA.

  1. Elizabeth Walker
  2. Maria Walker
  3. Caroline Walker
  4. Joseph Walker
  5. Andrew Walker
  6. Unamed Walker

Northern Kentucky University

Catholic Charities-Diocese of Arlington, Virginia.

Bridal Party

Maid of Honor:
Julie Broering (bride's friend)

  1. Elizabeth Walker (bride's sister)
  2. Maria Walker  (bride's sister)
  3. Archduchess Gabriella of Austria  (groom's sister)
  4.  Alexandra Deptula  (bride's friend)
  5. Adrienne Alessandro  (bride's friend)

  1. Archduke Christoph of Austria  (groom's brother)
  2. Archduke Alexander of Austria (groom's brother)
  3. Prince Felix of Luxembourg (groom's cousin)
  4. Guillaume Heck (groom's friend)
  5. Louis-Victor Douville de Franssu (groom's friend)

  1. Count Rodolphe of Limburg-Stirum (groom's brother-in-law)
  2. Archduke Michael of Austria  (groom's cousin)
  3. Archduke Franz Ludwig of Austria (groom's cousin)

Bridal Children
  1. Caroline Walker, Flower Girl (bride's sister)
  2. Joseph Walker, ring bearer (bride's brother)
  3. Andrew Walker, ring bearer (bride's brother)
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